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Italy, Birthplace of the Renaissance

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Chapter 17 Section 1 pages471-477 Italy, Birthplace of the Renaissance
Setting the StagePost plague, how did people’s way of thinking change?
The Renaissance Revolutionizes ArtWhat was medieval art like?Explain all the ways in which Renaissance art is different.
Renaissance Writers Change LiteratureExplain what it means to write in the vernacularWho is Niccolo Machiavelli?What did he write? ___________________What is the book about?Explain how Machiavelli thinks a prince/leader should be like.
List the three reasons in the first box and explain in detail in the second
Chapter 17 Section 2 pages 480-485 The Northern Renaissance
The Northern RenaissanceTo what others parts of Europe did the Renaissance spreadWhy is it called Northern Renaissance?
German paintersDescribe German art [subjects and style]
Flemish PaintersDescribe Flemish art [subjects and style]
Desiderius ErasmusWhat did he write and what was it about?
Thomas MoreWhat did he write and what was it about?
Christine dePizanWhat did she write and what was it about?
William ShakespeareWhat did he write about?What are some of his most famous works?
Johann GutenbergDescribe the new printing technology he invented.What were the effects of this new technology?
Complete the following tree map with the impact of the Renaissance on the following three topics.Make a list using bullet points.
Impact of the Renaissance





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Italy, Birthplace of the Renaissance