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IUC Shared Services Project
Commissioned by Ohio Intra-University CouncilInvolving all 14 four year public universitiesSet to fit into State’s FY12 budget proposalAreas being reviewedFinance *IT *HRPurchasing* Undergoing more detailed review
IUC Shared Services Project
Project Steering TeamBob Demory (primary liaison to IUC)Melissa Richberg (data coordinator)Godfrey OvwighoDave DabneyBill LogieConnie RubinJen Pastorek
IUC Shared Services Project
Key DeliverablesDetailed data on IT and FinanceHigher level data for HR and PurchasingReports from consultants with recommendations on:UT individually on our benchmarking against other Universities in key areas (i.e. Accounts Payable, Cash Collection, IT hardware costs, IT help desk, etc)Recommendations on opportunities for shared services either across the State or regionally
Marketing*Marketing CommunicationBrand and Product ManagementPlanning and StrategyMarket Research and AnalyticsFunction Management
Service*Order and Contract Management (OTC)Service ExecutionService OperationsPlanning and StrategyFunction Management
Executive and Corporate Services*General Administration ManagementTravel and Transportation ServicesReal Estate & Facilities ManagementGovernment AffairsLegalQuality ManagementRisk and Security ManagementCorporate CommunicationsPlanning and StrategyExecutive Office
ProcurementSupply Data ManagementRequisition and PO ProcessingSupplier SchedulingReceipt ProcessingCompliance ManagementCustomer ManagementSourcing ExecutionSupplier Management and DevelopmentSourcing & Supply Base StrategyFunction Strategy and Performance ManagementFunction Management
FinanceCash DisbursementsRevenue CycleAccounting and External ReportingTax ManagementTreasury ManagementCompliance ManagementPlanning & Performance ManagementFiscal AnalysisFunction Management
Human ResourcesTotal Rewards AdministrationPayroll ServicesData Mgmt., Reporting & ComplianceStaffing ServicesLabor RelationsWorkforce Development ServicesOrganisational EffectivenessTotal Rewards PlanningStrategic Workforce PlanningFunction Management
Information TechnologyInfrastructure ManagementEnd User SupportInfrastructure DevelopmentApplication MaintenanceApplication Development & Implement.Quality AssuranceRisk ManagementIT Business PlanningEnterprise Architecture PlanningEmerging TechnologiesFunction Management
Sales*Sales ExecutionSales OperationsPlanning and StrategyFunction Management
Selling and General Administrative Scope
Capture FTEs and Costs as defined regardless of where they are organizationally located
IUC’s scope will focus on two functions (Finance and IT)Adherence to process definitions within the Hackett taxonomy is key to comparability; processes are defined end to end
Finance focuses on 19 processes
IUC Shared Services Project
TimelineInitial engagement of consultant 11-17Kickoff meeting at UT with steering team 11-20Initial introduction of tool used 12-08Access given to database 12-14**Banner 8 Upgrade** 12-28Data Collection officially begins 01-03Data Collection from Departments complete 01-10Final entry and submission to consultants 01-14Review and finalization by consultants 01-21Final report due to IUC and then on to Governor 02-14
IUC Shared Services Project
What do we need from you: (Business Managers primary contact)Complete FTE worksheet of where each person spends their timeAt process levelOnly record if a person spends at least 10% of their time in that processIf you receive a questionnaire, need to hit deadlines





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