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An iterative journey
Learned from the first global consultation on:IntegratingStrategies to Prevent Gender-based Violence and Engage Men and Boys to Achieve Gender Equality through National Strategic Plans on HIV and AIDS30thNovember – 2ndDecember 2010, Nairobi
AchievementsIncreasedpolitical support, involvement and participationthrough a High Level Meeting organized in March 2011 aiming at increasing political commitment to address the challenges of gender inequality to reducing the vulnerability of women and girls to HIV infection.Developed aStakeholders onGenderand HIV Directoryas a contact database in enhancing networking amongst Gender and HIV stakeholders in Cambodia as well as capturing ongoing collaborative efforts in engendering HIV and AIDS interventions.Messages on Gender and HIV have been included inpublic media and/or campaigns partnering and in collaboration with civil society organizations. For instance, a radio/TV drama entitled " Lotus in the Muddy Lake" has been developed to address Gender norms, Gender based Violence and HIV sexual risk reduction.What were the most significant barriers of non-implemented elements?No specific allocation of funds for gender responsive HIV that match with political commitmentLackof technical backstopping to supportgender mainstreamingeffortsat various levels
Buildcapacity and skills for women in leadership in communities.Civil Society Partner JASL trained 30 HIV positive womenEngage men and boys in gender, GBV and HIV dialogue.2 sessions with Men of the NHP, NAC and Civil SocietyJamaican Community of Women Living with HIVlaunched the Men’s Space to ensure men who have sex with women are included in the support for HIV positive womenAddressthe link between GBV and HIV and actions to address GBV.Consultation started. 1 meeting held and actions identified.Barrier: Adding to existing work with budget and added human resourceNew Strategic Plan 2013-2017 seeks to give more attention to GBV
Overview/ introduction on theNairobi consultationas a whole, including what was the outcome, challenges taking things forward, and how we canlearn from this for theIstanbulconsultationDrawing on country presentations to identifypotential keys to success, challenges,opportunities,and barriersto integratingattention GBVandthe engagementof men and boysfor gender equality into National Strategic Plans on HIV and AIDS
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