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IV.A.1. BOT presentation re BS in AMT

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Proposal forAirframe Manufacturing Technology Baccalaureate DegreeMaria Clinton and Dr. Karen CowellDecember 8, 2014
Signed by Gov. Brown on Sept 28, 2014Allows 15 pilot projects for baccalaureate degrees at California community collegesProcess for selection is competitiveDegrees offered by community colleges cannot duplicate any degree offered by the CSU’s or UC’s
Background: SB 850 (Block)
Fit college missionMeet industry and student demandMeet ACCJC accreditation standardsBuild on existing infrastructure, curricula, resources, industry partnerships, and faculty
AVC Proposal for BS Degree
Builds on the aircraft fabrication programAdds upper division and general education comparable to CSU requirementsPrepares graduates for positions in aviation leadership: Shop foreman, lead technician, director of manufacturing
Design of Proposed Curriculum
The Spaceship Company (25 graduates)Lockheed Martin Corp.Northrop Grumman Corp. (potential of 100 employees would be interested)AVC students in aircraft fabrication, airframe &powerplant, and electronics: 183 of 186 expressed interest
Industry & Student Support
Accreditation of the programIndustry acceptanceDecreased cost (tuition, fees, travel, time)Enhancement of career opportunitiesBuilds on reputation of existing aviation programs
Student Comments & Concerns
December 19, 2014: Submit proposalJanuary 21, 2015: Chancellor’s Office notifies programs that are selectedMarch 16, 2015: Funding model submitted to Board of Governors2017-2018: Program begins no laterJune 30, 2023: Pilot programs end
Timeline in Brief





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IV.A.1. BOT presentation re BS in AMT