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JC Music Set Songs - Scoilnet

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JC Music Set Songs
Set C
Salve Regina
A prayerdeidcatedto the blessed virgin Mary set in Plainchant.Plainchant is the oldest form of church music It is sometimes known as Gregorian chantWords are usually in Latin.
Gregorian Chant.
Modal Music Music is essentially starting a melody on a pitch of the scale and ending on that pitch too, you use the key signature but you don’t end ondohyourdohshifts to what ever degree of the scale you have picked as your starting point.EG. C Major scale has C D E F G A B CIF YOU MAKE “D” THE DOH THE SCALE HAS NOW THE NOTES D E F G A B C D WITH THE KEY SIGNATURE OF C MAJOR NO SHARPS NO FLATS.
Musical Features of Salve Regina.
Syllabic music. One note one syllable.Mellismas- decorating the melody.No regular beat like pop songs Free RhythmDotted notes indicate to lengthen the note.Monophonic unaccompanied music.Mood is religious andrevernant.Tempo andante (walking pace)
Salve Regina
What is the mood of this song?What is the tonality of thissong?Major/minor or modal.. Explain in as much detail as you canWhat is plainchantWhat is the Texture of this song?Is this song Syllabic or melismatic or both – explain your choice.
Art Songs
A style of song where a poem is set to music by a known composer, it will have instrumental accompaniment, most likely piano or orchestra.The accompaniment will be like a duet and will most likely reflect the mood of the words.
What do you hear?
Using the following headings, analyze this song.Tonality, Mood, tempo, instruments, Melodic features, Rhythmic features and articulations, form. Groups of 2.
Caro Mio Ben GiuseppeGiordani1753 - 1798
Tonality Major (D Major) does change key to A throughoutJoyful moodTempo slow and dignifiedMezzo Soprano and orchestra sometimes piano.Form ABA Coda.SequencesDescending step motionLeaps and ornamentations.Pause marks on score find them. Slurs (connected fluid notes)Dotted rhythms.





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JC Music Set Songs - Scoilnet