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SSTA Guidance‘Action Short of StrikeAction’
CoreDutiesmustnot be used for otheractivitiesAssignedclasses and cover for absentcolleaguesmaximumof 22.5 hours perweekpreparationand correctionallocationof 7.5hoursCollegiateTime-remaining5 hours a weekTotal = 35 hours a week
Collegiate timeCollegiatetimeis 5 hours perweekTheallocation of these hours is determined by theSchool’sWorking Time Agreement (WTA)Voluntaryactivities -are entirely voluntary
SSTAGuidanceHow Schools Can ManageWorkload
Working Time Agreements
Mustbe adhered to and any changes can only be made to reduce teacherworkloadAllchanges must be negotiated with the recognised trade unionrepresentatives
Staff, Department andWorkingGroupMeetings
allmeetingsmustbe allocated on the schoolcalendarhavean agenda circulated in goodtimeactionpoints recorded andare time constrainedMeetingsshouldnotgo beyond the allocated time.
sufficienttime is allocatedtocarryout formal assessments(including work required for National Qualifications).Allsubject teachers shouldquantifythe workload demanded by SQASchoolshould make arrangements to identify measures and adequate time required to manage thisworkload
Monitoring andTracking
Trackingand monitoring systemsmust prevent duplicationof teacherinputThe system shouldbe capable of generating a report toparentsItis sufficient for teachers to track and monitor all pupils twice ayearRecordingsystems that collect information but do not add to teaching and learning should bediscontinued
onlyone meeting per year group in the course of theyeartheparent meeting shouldnot coincidewithotherreportingprocessesParentteacher dialogue iscrucialin supportinglearning
Reporting toParents
Computergenerated reportsshould replace the need for other types of reports for parentsWhereteachers are required to produce subject reports the time allocated within the WTA will determine the length of the report (afteraccounting for time required for monitoringandtracking)Subject reports should reflect allocated teaching time(e.g. Ifa teacher teachesacross a year group the report willbe a lot less than a teacher with a single class with a largernumberoflessons)
Tasksthat do not require the skill and expertise of a teacher shouldbeundertaken by supportstaffThis includes:bulkphotocopying, filing, ordering of materials and equipment, arranging meetings, and duplication required in completing risk assessments and accident reportforms
ITsystemsshould be‘fit for purpose’ andreduce teacher workload (systems that are ‘time consuming’ and workload intensive should be replaced by alternative methods)Teachersshouldusestatement banks and other time saving systems to completereportsIT systems that do not assist teaching and learning should be discontinued
anemail communication policyshould be in placethe focus should beon the passing of essentialinformation tothose who need to know andrequires limited responses.Itis unreasonable to expect teachers to read and respond to emails with unrealistically tight deadlines, orduringevenings, weekends and holiday periods.Theemail system cannot replace professional dialogue and should not be seen as a substitute
School ImprovementPlans
all development work should have an allocated time resource within theWTAallnew initiatives or policies must have a workloadimpact-assessment, andagreedwith the recognised unions within the school beforeimplementation
teachers undertaking temporary responsibilities are entitled to be paid after undertaking the responsibility for 20days (backdated to day 1)Teacherswho take additional responsibilities without payment are doing so on voluntary basis and should be taken only on a limitedbasisAlloffers of additional voluntary responsibilitiescanbedeclined
Scottish Secondary Teachers’ Association
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