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Stage Gate Approval Template - Trinity College, Dublin

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[Project Short Name]Stage Gate Approval Summary
Project ID :[Project ID Number– as provided by PMO]Short Name:[Project Name]Department/ School/ Faculty:[Department / School / Faculty Name]Dean/ Chief Officer approver:[Name & Title of approver]Project Sponsor:[Sponsor Name / Role in TCD]EOG Champion:[EOG Champion Name / role in TCD]Project Manager:[Name,role in TCD]Project Type/ Category:[Operational/ Change Management/ Legislative/ External/ New Build /Refurbishment /IT / Audio Visual / Infrastructure]
[Note: Hints & Tips are provided through out this template & are shown in blue italic. Please delete these when you no longer require them, and in advance of submitting for approval consideration.]
[Action to be Taken at each Stage Gate, Date Stage Gate Approved, and previously Forecast Date]
Financial Approval History
Financial Approval Request
Stage Gates
[Project Short Name]Stakeholder Sign-off
[Note:Please review the table below & complete / update key stakeholder details, as appropriate for your project (approve, Review, Not Required)]
Prior sign off, Review, and InformationPrior to submission into the Approval and Prioritisation process, key stakeholders in other business areas directly involved in delivery of this proposal or on whom the project is dependent, should review or approve this submission primarily from the perspective of their relevant business area / project role.
[Project Name] Project Scope (as per approved baseline)
[Project Short Name] Stage Gate Approval Checklist
[Note: Table below identifies a high level checklist of key items fundamental for approval purposes]
[Project Short Name] Stage Gate Approval Summary
[Project Short Name] Project Roadmap
[Note: IncludeProject Roadmap (insert from excel doc); the chart should illustrate planned vs actual – where is the project in terms of milestones/deliverables compared to where it is planned to be]
[Project Name] Outstanding Key Deliverables
[Note: Include a status of key deliverables outstanding on the project]
[ProjectShort Name] Key R.A.I.D Requiring Attention
[Note: Use RAID log to assist when completing Key Risks/Issues below]





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Stage Gate Approval Template - Trinity College, Dublin