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The Western-most rural family medicine site…Probably.
The Community
Your stay will be accommodated by the luxurious Bunk House Inn Motel. Annette is the manager – she is fantastic and will provide you with anything you need. Just ask!The area has lots of outdoor activities and historical sites to experience – Toadstool national park, hiking/camping, the Legend Buttes, etc. If you’re into golf, you can play at Legend Buttes golf course, a mere couple of miles away from where Crazy Horse was killed in Fort Robinson.There are a few disc golf courses in town.Wild’s bar and grill has amazing food. It was voted one of the top 20 privately owned restaurants in Nebraska. Get the crispy chicken sandwich with a side of their homemade potato sliced chips!
The Hospital
Physicians usually round on hospital patients at 8 AM, but this is variable. Just keep open communication and be proactive!You will get the opportunity to be very involved duringc-sections, live vaginal births, and you may even get to perform a few circumcisions. Be enthusiastic and learn as much as possible!Be courteous to the nursing station staff! If you are, they may spare you from having to take first call on non-educational ER admissions!All food at the hospital is FREE. All you have to do is swipe your ID card.
The Clinic
All of the docs/PA’s are very helpful and do a great job of teaching. If you have questions, don’t be afraid to ask.You may be expected to “hit the ground running” with the EMR. It is an unusual system (at least it was to me), but you will get used to it. Whenever possible, load a template or a past visit note to expedite your H&P.Try to get in on as many clinic procedures as you can! I either got to assist or performvassectomies, laceration repair, cyst removal, skin grafts, IUD placement/removal, casting and cast removal! You may not get another opportunity to experience some of these!
Satellite Clinics
You will be expected to attend satellite clinic with one of the physician. These are located in Crawford (about 25 min west) and the nearby Job Corps.Try to work at one of the satellite clinics once a week. It is a good opportunity to get away from the hospital and experience primary care in the ultra-rural areas.If you go to Crawford with either Dr.Schuckmanor Dr. Pelton, you may get to experience Grandma Pelton’s delicious cooking!
Enjoy your experience! Make the most out of being so secluded from the eastern part of the state. If you have questions or needs, ask TeresaLandrethat the clinic. She is amazing! I am also availablevia email.TylerMurtaugh– [email protected]





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