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Discussion on Virginia’s State Assessment Program

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Discussion on Virginia’s State Assessment Program
Virginia Board ofEducation’sCommittee on School and Division AccountabilityNovember 14, 2018
Standards of Quality: State Assessment Program
§ 22.1-253.13:3. Standard 3. Accreditation, other standards, assessments, and releases from state regulations. CC. Withsuch funds as are available for this purpose, the Board of Education shall prescribe assessment methods to determine the level of achievement of the Standards of Learning objectives by all students. Such assessments shall evaluate knowledge, application of knowledge, critical thinking, and skills related to the Standards of Learning being assessed.…..TheBoard shall include in the student outcome measures that are required by the Standards for Accreditation end-of-course or end-of-grade assessments for various grade levels and classes, including the completion of the alternative assessments implemented by each local school board, in accordance with the Standards of Learning. These assessments shall include end-of-course or end-of-grade tests for English, mathematics, science, and history and social science and may be integrated to include multiple subject areas.….TheStandards of Learning assessments administered to students in grades three through eight shall not exceed (a) reading and mathematics in grades three and four; (b) reading, mathematics, and science in grade five; (c) reading and mathematics in grades six and seven; (d) reading, writing, and mathematics in grade eight; (e) science after the student receives instruction in the grade six science, life science, and physical science Standards of Learning and before the student completes grade eight; and (f) Virginia Studies and Civics and Economics once each at the grade levels deemed appropriate by each local school board.
Excerpt from Resolution Adopted by the Virginia Board of Education on April 25, 1996
I.STATEWIDE SOL ASSESSMENTSThe Department of Education will issue a Request for Proposal (RFP) to develop, administer, score, and report results of statewide standardized assessments and will include the following components:A. Program Summary1. Purpose: To measure students’ achievement in acquiring and directly applying the knowledge and academic skills defined in English, Mathematics, Science, History, and Technology Standards of Learning, and to measure students’ skills to analyze, reason, synthesize information, make comparisons, and draw inferences.2. Grade Levels: 3, 5, 8, 11.3. Testing Format: Primarily machine-scoreabletest items which provide a breadth of content coverage and ensure reliable and valid results.. A writing sample may be included.Scores: Scores will be reported at student, school, school division, and state levels.
Excerpt from Resolution Adopted by the Virginia Board of Education on April 25,1996 (cont.)
B. Test Content1.TheSOL assessments will test the student's achievement in acquiring and applying the knowledge and academic skills of the English, Mathematics, History, Science, and Technology Standards of Learning. The skill expectations at each grade tested and in each content area will be presented to the Board for approval prior to test implementation. A document outlining these skill expectations will be available for public release.2.Thegrade 3 SOL assessment will include K-3 SOLs in all four disciplines, with particular emphasis on reading skill and comprehension.3.Thegrade 5 SOL assessment will includes grades 4 and 5 SOLs in English, Mathematics, Science and Technology, as well as History SOLs through Virginia Studies.4.Thegrade 8 SOL assessment will include grades 6, 7, and 8 SOLs in English, Mathematics, Science and Technology, as well as the History SOLs covering U.  S. History, and Civics and Economics.5.Atthe 11th grade level, the SOL assessment will:a. report scores within disciplines (e.g. Biology within Science).b. include content from the following areas within each discipline:- Mathematics: Algebra I and Geometry- Science: Earth Science and Biology- History: World History and World Geography- English: grades 9, 10, and 11
Changes to Testing Program
2006:Mathematicsand reading tests for grade 4, 6, and 7 added to meet the requirements of the federal No Child Left Behind (NCLB) law.Mathematics and reading tests for grade 5 and 8 ceased to be cumulative and included the content for the current grade level only2007-2008: Last administration of the cumulative grade 8 history test2008-2009: All school divisions required to administer the United States History to 1877 test, the United States: 1877 to the Present test and the Civics and Economicstest2009: Board considered a proposal to eliminate Grade 3 historytest2014: Legislation eliminated five SOL tests and replaced them with local assessments:Grade 3 HistoryGrade 3 ScienceGrade 5 WritingUnited States History to 1865United States History: 1865 to the Present
Tests Administered in Elementary Schools in2018-2019
Shaded cells-indicate tests required by ESSA
Tests Administered in Middle Schoolsin 2018-2019
Grade 7 or 8 Civics & Economics Test
Shaded cells-indicate tests required by ESSA
End-of-Course Tests Administered in 2018-2019in 2013-2014
Shaded cells-indicate tests used to meet ESSA requirements
Requirements for Verified Credits Under 2017 SOL
To earn a verified credits in mathematics, reading, science and history, students must earn a standard credit and achieve one of the following:Pass an SOL end-of-course test OREarn a locally awarded verified credit OREarn an acceptable score on a Board-approved substitute testIn addition to the options for earning a verified credit listed above, school divisions may verify credits in WRITING through a local performance assessmentAdditionalinformation regarding the use of local performance assessments to verify credits in writingis included intheGuidelines for the Use of Local Performance Assessments for Verifying Credits in Writingapproved by the Board of Education on September 20, 2018.
Discussion on Future of SOL Writing and History Tests
Current SOL Writing Tests
End-of-CourseBased on 2010 English SOLIncludesshort paper written in response to a prompt and multiple-choice/technology-enhanced itemsOption for earning a verified credit in writingUsed with scores on end-of-course reading test for accreditation of high schoolsGrade 8 Writing TestBased on 2010 English SOLIncludes short paper written in response to a prompt and multiple-choice/technology-enhanced itemsUsed with reading scores in school accreditation
Current SOL History Tests
End-of-Course Tests Used to Verify History CreditsWorld History to 1500World History: 1500 to the PresentWorld GeographyVirginia and United States HistoryElementary and Middle School TestsVirginia StudiesCivics and EconomicsPass Rates reported on the School Quality ProfilesCurrent tests based on the 2008 History SOL
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Discussion on Virginia’s State Assessment Program