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Train the Trainer Program -

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Creating Spacefor Dialogue
Train the Trainer Program
August 27-31, 20184 H National CenterChevy Chase, MD
Day 2 Goals
Day 2Explore our earliest learning about human differencesLearn about issues of power, privilege and change at four levels – personal, interpersonal, institutional and culturalBuild an understanding of our target and non-target identitiesLearn about systems that have been constructed historically and currently to support oppression across racial differencesExplore how we have or have not used our voice to address issues of prejudice, discrimination or other forms of oppressionBecome more competent and committed to creating and supporting more inclusive and racially equitable environments for all
FourRealmsof Oppression and Change
Personalvalues, beliefs, feelingsInterpersonalactions, behaviors, languageInstitutionalrules, policies, procedures, practicesCulturalbeauty, truth, right, normal
Target and Non-Target Groups
Pace 4 Change—MSU ExtensionAdapted from the work of VISIONS, Inc.Updated November 2017
As you view the DVD
What feelings are coming up for you?What examples of oppression or change are you seeing at the:Personal LevelInterpersonal LevelInstitutional LevelCultural LevelPlease jot down these examples on your Four Levels Worksheet





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Train the Trainer Program -