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Multiple sclerosis_ Oral Therapies and Beyond

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Multiple sclerosis: Oral Therapies and Beyond
Treatment Algorithm for Pediatric Patients With MS
Diagnosis and Initiating Treatment
Pathophysiology of MS: Inflammation-Independent Neurodegeneration?
BVL in MS—Overview
Brain Volume Change: Under Multiple Influences
Some State-of-the-Art Technologies for Assessing Brain Atrophy in MS
Most Common Current Measures for Whole Brain and Regional Brain Atrophy
GM and WM Volume Changes in Early RRMS
GM Atrophy Is Related to Long-term Disability in RRMS
Treating RRMS: Immediate and Delayed Effects on Brain Volume
Fingolimod Effect on Diffuse Tissue Damage Is Partly Independent of Its Effect on Focal Damage in RRMS
Fingolimod Effectson DP Mediatedby Effects on BVL
Fingolimod on NEDA-4
How Does RWE Differ From RCT Data?
What Is Driving the Increased Demand for RWE?
Advantages of RWE
The Principles of Propensity Score Matching in Patients With MS
Propensity Matching to Identify Matched Populations in MS
Comparative Effectiveness of GA and IFNβFormulations in RRMS
MSBase: Switch to Fingolimod vs BRACE Therapies
MSBase: Switch to Fingolimod vs Natalizumab
Epidemiology of PPMS
Compartmentalized Inflammation in Progressive MS
DMTs in PPMS: Long History of Negative Trial Results
INFORMS: Fingolimod in PPMS
ORATORIO: Ocrelizumab in PPMS
Anti-inflammatory Properties of Fingolimod[a]and Ocrelizumab[b]:Lessons From RRMSPrimary 24-Week Data
INFORMS[a]vs ORATORIO[b]: Differences in Patient Population
MS-SPI: MD1003 (High-Dose Biotin) in Progressive MS
MD1003: Mechanisms of Action
ORATORIO: Anti-inflammatory Effect of Ocrelizumab
SPRINT-MS Trial: Exploring Imaging Biomarkers
ARPEGGIO: Laquinimod in PPMS
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Abbreviations (cont)





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Multiple sclerosis_ Oral Therapies and Beyond