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Inspiring the Next Generationin STEM and Computer ScienceA Clever Ready ProgramJoshua Sneideman, VPAlbert Einstein Education Fellow
Learning Blade is a registered trademark of Thinking Media, a division of SAI Interactive, Inc.
STEMCareer Pathway Learning Experiences for Every StudentLearning Blade puts personalized career exploration at student’s fingertips
Demand for CS and STEM Workers Growing
23% of Students are Prepared for STEM, but Not Interested
STEM Jobs Pay More at All Levels
Women and Minorities are Underrepresented in STEM
12thGraders, 2013, from ACT, Inc.
Not STEM Interested
Not Math Proficient
Math Proficient
Students Need Exposure to STEM Careers
Reason Students do notMajor in STEM isLack of Awareness of CareersMiddle School Students MakingCareer-Related Decisions
No. 194%
"Increasing Student Interest in Science, Technology,Engineering, and Math (STEM)" UMass Donahue Institute Research and Evaluation Group, 2011, as retrieved from
Game-Based, Contextualized LearningTailored to the Interests of each Student
Reinforcement of Basic Academics Indexed by Standards
We Represent Grand Challenges through 12 “Missions”
Interactive LessonsOnline lessons introduce careers and demonstrate relevance to science, math and English skills.
Mission ChallengesOffline, hands-on activities emphasizing problem solving, critical thinking, and teamwork.
3D Printing Maker QuestsStudents can modify provided 3D files, then conduct experiments with the printed objects.
Career VideosShort career videos with follow-up questions.
Learning Blade Major Components
Learning Blade Supplements ExistingPrograms of the STEM2Hub
Thinking Media Brings Strong Experiencein Similar Education Solutions
Tennessee-based WBE, MBE and Small Business of the Year for ChattanoogaCreators ofKeyTrain® and Career Ready 101® for ACTWorkKeys®, acquired by ACTOnline basic skills enhancement curriculumHelped to create the National Career Readiness CertificateUsed in approx. 15% of US high schools and in other agenciesManaged 28 statewide contracts with over 4 million registered users7.2 million lessons and 2.4 million hours used per yearStatistically proven effective at raising basic skills test scores
The Missions Contain:100Careers and Technologies400Interactive Academic Lessons
Sample mission outlines showing Science, Math, English and Social Studies lessons for each career and technology
Students Can Select a Mission, orTeachers Can Assign Specific Missions
Students Operate Missions from Mission Dashboard
Lessons Introduce Students to Specific CS and STEM Careers
Lessons Use Academic Skills in STEM Contexts
System Provides Academic Skills Reports by Class or Student
Lessons are Specifically Aligned to State Standards
Success in Increasing Computer Science andSTEM Career Interest and Academic Relevance
55% IncreaseIn students who strongly agree that they are interested in a career in Computer Sci.DoublingThe # of students interested in becoming an engineer and/or scientist79% IncreaseIn students recognizing “Math is helpful when solving interesting problems.”69% IncreaseIn students recognizing “What I learn in school will be useful later in life.”56% IncreaseIn students interested intaking advanced math classesin high school.
Conclusion #1: Middle Schools are not providing students exposure to STEM career information nor are they facilitating opportunities for students to create their own career aspirational identity towards STEM.Conclusion #2: Significant differences exist between middle school students who use and those who do not use the online learning platform Learning Blade. In a quasi-experimental survey, students who used Learning Blade had improved STEM vocational aspiration, career development plans and STEM-related interpersonal interactions.Learning Blade users were more likely to intend to pursue STEM careers:59% more likely to be interested in a STEM career84% more likely to want a job that designs or builds things140% more likely to respond that they knew what STEM workers doLearning Blade users were more likely to express interest in STEM to others:70% more likely to be willing to like to talk about science with othersLearning Blade users were more likely to believe a STEM career is achievable:LB Users were 69% less likely to feel that STEM careers take too much schoolingLB Users were 60% less likely to feel that science is too hard for them
Independent Research from anEd.D. Thesis
Katherine Kendall, 2017. All items p<.001, N=276
Results from Student Surveys
Nathaniel, a sixth-grade student in rural KY, is a great example of how Learning Blade has made a difference in student lives.
Success in Changing Student Lives
Nathaniel interviewing Mrs. Withers about her heart surgery.
After completing several Learning Blade missions, Nathan made personal connections with Heart Surgery and the Heart Surgery Mission, and with the Concept Cars MissionPrior he did not show enthusiasm for school and often did not complete assignmentsHe connected with Mrs. Withers who had open heart surgery in July 2016 - Nathaniel interviewed her and made connections to real life STEMWith a new positive attitude, he now comes excitement and works finish his assignments early so that he can work on Learning BladeAfter Learning Blade, Nathaniel wants to continue his education and learn how to design cars
Susan Cunningham, 8th grade teacher, Stewart Middle Magnet School, FL“I have used Learning Blade since I was introduced to the program in November of 2016.Students like completing lessons that are relative to them and are eager to complete them.Even now, in May, somestudents ask to be assigned MORE lessons!Learning Blade provides opportunities to helpincrease reading comprehension scores as well as introduce students to careers in STEM fields. ”James P Glenn,Engineering and Technology, Coastal Middle School, GA“As an educator for 30 years,Learning Blade is one of the best tools that I have ever utilized.  From STEM to STEAM, computer to career,Learning Blade is a pathway that leads to exploration, experience and eventually employment!We hope to continue using Learning Blade next year as we continue to be a beacon for our students, shining the light on learning that they love!”
Success in Helping Teachers
Statewide TennesseeOver 800 schools registeredOver 96,000 students enrolled,500,000+ lessonsdeliveredStatewide ArkansasOver 600 schools registeredOver 76,000 hours of instruction,500,000+ lessonsdelivered
Success in Statewide Efforts
“The Learning Blade’s focus on STEM education will offer Arkansas’s students new and exciting opportunities to learn real-world computer science concepts. This program will help our young learners master the fundamentals required for an array of specialized and highly-competitive STEM careers.“This effort, along with my computer science initiative, is putting Arkansas’s students in an even better position to land tech-driven jobs. As the computer coding movement in Arkansas continues to gain momentum, I look forward to even greater numbers of students taking on the skills needed for these challenging and rewarding fields.”GovernorAsaHutchinson, Arkansas
Robust STEM experience:Introduces students to STEM careers that are often not present in rural communities. Learning Blade’s 400+ STEM lessons highlighting 100+ STEM careers and technologies provides opportunity for STEM career awareness.Supplements and compliments core curriculum:Learning Blade is a cost effective way in resource challenged communities to integrate STEM across the curriculum. Its Interdisciplinary design is aligned to standards in mathematics, English, science and social studiesFlexible platform allows multiple integration strategies:In addition to supplementing core curriculum Learning Blade can be used in CTE programs, STEM programs, enrichment programs and afterschool programs to name a few.Functions as a whole class lesson:Teacher can use single computer to project Learning Blade allowing for classroom STEM Learning experience that supplements and compliments core curriculum.Works Offline where this is limited technology:Learning Blade has designed over 40 offline STEM focusses activities that are low cost or no cost. These include hands on engineering tasks, science experiments, group discussions, and open ended writing prompts.
Learning Blade and Rural Impact
Validation from Battelle EducationLearning Blade has been validated as a supplemental tool for increasing STEM career awareness and interest by Battelle Education.Suggested resource by STEM experts in ACT’s “The Condition of STEM 2015, 2016”Selected as a "Game changing practice for engaging students in STEM and manufacturing"MForesightEducation and Workforce Development, funded by the NSF as the voice of the advanced manufacturing community.Selected for theSTEMworksdatabase by Change the Equationmeeting rigorous design principles, and are evaluated by independent reviewers.Recognized by NREA as an effective means for bringing STEM career awareness and interest to rural schools.
Nationally Recognized Success
Thank you!For more information please email:[email protected]
Learning Blade is a registered trademark of Thinking Media, a division of SAI Interactive, Inc.





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