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Top GRE Vocabulary Words

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Top GRE Vocabulary Words
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Deviation from what is normalEx:Albino animals may display too great ananomalyin their coloring to attract normally colored mates.Related words:AnomalousFrom Greek- irregular/uneven
To make something unpleasant less severeEx:Like many people, Philip used alcohol toassuagehis sense of meaninglessness and despair.From Latin: ad (to), suave (sweet)similar words:Allay, alleviate, mollify
A puzzle; a mysteryEx:Speaking in riddles and dressed in old robes, the artist gained a reputation as something of anenigma.From Greek: riddleSimilar words:Conundrum perplexity
To use expressions of double meaning in order to mislead/deceiveEx:When faced with criticism of his policies, the politicianequivocatedand left all parties thinking he agreed with them.From Latin: same nameRelated words:Equivocal, equivocationAmbiguous, evasive, waffling
Learned, scholarly, bookishEx:The annual meeting of philosophy professors was a gathering of the mosterudite,well-published people in the field.From Latin: educate/trainSimilar words:Scholastic learned wise
Intensely emotional, feverishEx:The fans of Maria Callas were particularlyfervid, doing anything to catch a glimpse of the great opera singer.From Latin: burning/glowingRelated words:Fervent fervor passionatezealous
Clear and easily understoodEx:The explanations were written in a simple andlucidmanner so that students were immediately able to apply what they learned.From Latin:luc- lightSimilar words:Intelligible coherent explicitclear
Impossible to see through; preventing the passage of lightFrom Latin: shady/darkEx:The heavy buildup of dirt and grime on the windows almost made themopaque.Similar words:obscure
To soothe or pacifyEx:The burglar tried toplacatethe snarling dog by saying “Nice doggy,” and offering it a treat.Related words:From Latin: to pleaseAppease conciliate mollify
To bring about abruptly; lacking deliberationEx:Upon learning that the couple married after knowing each other for only two months, family members expected such aprecipitatemarriage to end in divorce.From Latin: throw down/hurl down on the headRelated words:Precipice precipitation precipitousAbrupt hasty impetuous
Lavish, wastefulEx:Theprodigalson quickly wasted all of his inheritance on a lavish lifestyle devoted to pleasure.From Latin: wastefulRelated words:Extravagant lavish profligate
Passion, excitementEx:She brought her typicalzealto the project, sparking enthusiasm in the other team members.From Greek: jealousRelated words:Zealot fervor passion





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Top GRE Vocabulary Words