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Team Schedule – We’ll distribute at the end of the meetingPhotographer Formsare on MADI Region 6See the Manager Info area of MADI for:Digital Copies of Challenge Specific TDS/SS FormsDeclaration of IndependenceExpense ReportsCode of Conduct Sign Off SheetPhotographer FormsRegion 6 area for:Final ScheduleMaps

Schedule issue– how to be request tournament date requests, appraiser changes and managers with multiple teamsManager appreciation - new this year!Expected behavior in and on the school grounds - Code of Conduct. Statewide restrictionsInformation table and forms, requests for elevator use for strollers/wheelchairs, those withlimited mobilityProp storage and prop areas appear on maps. No use of AC outlets. Items banned from schoolChallenge location changes – several changes, including prop storage, tight schedule due to site sharingSales Table, Raffles, Concessions, Scholarship FundInstant Challenge - be sure you know where you’re going and leave time to get there, quiet on third floor, no one in hallwaysAppraisers and volunteersWrapping up a long day, pre awards warm upAwards ceremony and team lineup, Advancement Policies

TeamSchedule – requests for specific schedules/changes cannot be honored but there is a process for requesting a tournament change request to the AD. This must be doneupon registering– please follow directions on or ask one of your RDs. We’re here to help you.If you are managing two teams, or have siblings on two teams, PLEASE put a note I our record to indicate that during registration so that we can allow for that during scheduling.Teams with two managers, please put same name in primary manager field during registration, to ensure that the schedule allows for you to be everywhere you need to be.There IS a process for requesting an appraiser tournament change. When registration is open, have the appraiser use the website to request the change. These are handled by the AD, who looks to ensure equal appraiser distribution. If your appraiser can’t figure out how to do this, pleaseask them to contact one of us, during the registration process.Strict rules about payments - if the team is not paid up, they’ll be removed from the schedule.
Making Requests
Manager Appreciation
We have a list of questions we’d like to discuss with all of you extraordinary managers, that enable us to provide support. Tell us more about your experience!In order to facilitate this conversation, we will have a manager drop in room in Beverly this year. Come by and leave us your thoughts on paper, or come talk with us at pre specified times. We’ll be in the room to meet with you late morning and early afternoon - we’ll be squirreled away in the room adjoining the appraiser/volunteer food room, where it’s quiet and we can have a relaxing, uninterrupted conversation even if only for a few minutesCoffee and snacks will be provided
The Massachusetts Code of Behavior Rules will be enforced at allregionalsponsored tournaments.  All team members and one of their parents/guardians will sign the Code of Conduct form.  Please be sure everyone coming to the tournaments is informed of the rules to avoid a team being penalized or disqualified.Be sure you have familiarized yourself with the banned items listed in the Rules of the Road (see next slide for details). If you inadvertently bring one in and are asked to remove it, please do so promptly and respectfully and without discussion.NO WEAPONS - If your team is utilizing a weapon like prop, please be sure that it looks as fake/non threatening as possible. If we see a team using something that looks like one we will ask that it leave the building. Use your imagination!Due to a new DI policy, all tournaments will require police detail this year
Expected Behavior in and on the School Grounds
Statewide Massachusetts DI Prohibited Items ListHelium​ - banned at all regional and state tournaments in MassachusettsDry Ice​ - banned at all regional and state tournaments in MassachusettsLatex​ - allowed ​unless​ dis-allowed by the Tournament Site or direction form the respective Regional Director. Allowed at State TournamentFake Weapons​ - refer to Rules of the Road wording: Firearms, Weapons and Violence: Destination Imagination, Inc. does not endorse or support Team or Instant Challenge solutions that contain gratuitous violence and/or the gratuitous use of any violent weapons. However, in recognition of the fact that themes of war, crime and the like can be handled by teams in moving and responsible ways, the following guideline is to be followed: a. If a team needs to depict a weapon in its Team or Instant Challenge solution, the weapon must be team-created and/or obviously benign. b. Paintball guns, BB guns, air rifles and the like are NOT ALLOWED at Destination Imagination tournaments. c. Teams must be aware that many school buildings used for tournament sites have a “zero tolerance” policy regarding any and all weapons, benign or otherwise. It is the team’s responsibility to find out from the Tournament Director prior to the tournament if there are any Site-Specific Restrictions on the use of these items.If a school has a 'zero tolerance' policy than we must abide by that policy and that means NO weapons - even the ones that are benign.Challenge Location Lights​ - no team may manipulate the lights at a tournament site including turning on or off the lights in the room or covering windows. Unless it’s specified in the challenge, the lights must remain on and consistent for every team.Outlets​ - Nothing may be plugged into a wall outlet at a tournament ​except​ at the challenge location and then only for those items allowed or required by challenge requirements. The only exception is in the volunteer food serving area for such items as crock pots, coffee urns, and related equipment. This ban on the use of any outlets at a Tournament Site applies to the recharging of cell phone and other electronic equipment by any participants and guests of the Tournament.Liquid​ - If a team’s solution will include using more than a pint of liquid we highly suggest that the team check in with the Affiliate Challenge Master for the associated challenge and the Regional Director to make sure their solution will be allowed.
The Information table will be at the main entrance of the school, with schedules and maps, as well as blank forms (Starry Show Case, Declaration of Independence, Expense Report and Tournament Data Sheet, as well as Code of Conduct)Please take only what you needReducing paper - we’ll be hanging copies of on the walls at the information booth, and at each challenge, plus various places throughout the building. Encourage your families to print before arriving or consult the posted schedulesRemember there is no access to photocopiers so be sure to follow the forms guidelines to ensure your team isn’t rewriting forms for submissionPlease report to Info Table if someone in your party has a stroller or wheelchair/limited mobility that needs to use the elevator, and allow extra time.
Information Table and Tournament Forms
Prop Storage Area
Prop storage areas will be outlined on maps found on MADI and included in printed schedule. Please note significant changes this year!Please remember that team members may not enter props areas for challenges in which they are not presenting. Deductions may be applied if this situation occurs.No power tools, glue guns, spray paint or electrical use,helium balloons, ordry ice.No use of facility electrical outlets - this includes cell phones – no spectators/teams/team managers are allowed to use building outlets to charge devices.This includes cell phones, tablets and laptops!! Please be sure your spectators are aware of this rule - we are asking you to help enforce it!Past years have seen zero deductions to team members for breaking any of the above rules. Let’s keep it that way!
Challenge LocationsChanges This Year:Challenge B, C, and D have NEW locations!!!
Challenge B is in the South Side FoyerC is in the LibraryD is in the Field houseThis has resulted in a very, very tight schedule, with no wiggle room. We ask that you make sure you report to your challenge site/IC on time (you always do!) and be ready to go so there is no cause for delay- arrive at challenge/IC site 30 minutes before your scheduled timeRising Stars and Project Outreach are in 224/226A is in theField HouseE is in the upper gymPlease be mindful of the gym floor when using it throughout theday and during the awards ceremony
SalesTable, Raffles, Concessions, Scholarship Fund
The Sales Table will be in the cafeteria, which is where raffle tickets may be purchasedPlease visit our concessions stand, lots of yummy food for sale to benefit local groups. (Thanks, Artie, Kim and Lisette!)In addition to our traditional raffle prizes, we have an auction in the lobby. Check it out! Proceeds go to the MADI Scholarship fund!ALL FOOD MUST STAY IN THE CAFETERIA. DEDUCTIONS WILL BE APPLIED TO ANY TEAM IF THEIR MEMBERS/PARTICIPANTS ARE FOUND WITH FOOD ANYWHERE IN THE BUILDING (THIS INCLUDES COFFEE AND OTHER DRINKS)
Instant Challenge
3rdfloor - Teams onlyDeductions for team members found in undesignated areas (no team members allowed in hallways of the third floor except the staging area/hall where classrooms areAll teams will go in one direction up to IC, and down to 2ndfloor photographerIt is a quiet zone-deductions for anyone making noisePlease check the map and make sure you know where you’re going before you need to go – check in 20 minutes before the team’s scheduled time
Teams have been great about sending volunteers and appraisers.Happy to report that we had the right amount of appraisers this year, so thank you!!! We need a balance of appraisers and helpers. We also want to get high school students to come back during and after college to help with appraising in various areas.Thanks for all your help in rounding them up this year!
Appraisers and Volunteers
Wrapping up a Very Long Day -Getting pumped for awards!

Everyone is great about working together to help us clear up as part of the mad dash to start awards. Thank you!This year, we’d like to try something NEW! Our plan is to have activities in the field house toget teams pumped forawards.We hope that the teams participate and have fun!PLEASE, if your team will be participating in these activities, understand that they’ll need to work to get the rest of the building cleaned up, including the field house, before we can begin awards.Parentsshouldtake props out, and clean cafeteria, one parent responsible for BOTH and it must be done by 4pm UNLESS the team is going on late, then clean up BEFORE they go on to their last item, bring stuff out to car when doneWe can’tbegin the awards ceremony until we receive the all clear from the tournament team, that BHS is as we found it. We are thankful to all of you, every year, for treating the facility with respect and leaving it as we found it. We have been allowed back! Let’s work together to get the building cleaned up and the bins packed away so the awards can begin!
Parade Line Up and Awards Ceremony – Donna and JanetKeep an eye on the schedule this year to be sure you’re around when awards startDonna and Janet will have signs staged in the hallway by town, which each town will take down and carry in with them so that we can recognize them as they come inPlease note that Rising Stars teams do not receive their ribbons, etc at awards. This is done at the challenge site. However, for all those little ones who stick around for awards, we will ask that them to stand for acknowledgment.Also, we will acknowledge high school seniors at that time.If you have a senior on your team, or one that will be in attendance that night and not on a team, please see Janet Frederickson.

MADI Advancement Policy 2019 TournamentsRegional to StatesoUp to and including 5 teams challenge/level, advance 1 team with top scaled total score, additional teams may advance if 1st place tieo6-11 teams challenge/level, advance 2 teams with top scaled total scores, additional teams may advance if 2nd place tieo12+ and up teams challenge/level, advance 3 teams with top scaled total scores, additional teams may advance in certain 2nd or 3rd place tiesStates to GlobalsoEach challenge level, advance 3 teams with top scaled total scores, additional teams may advance in certain 2nd or 3rd place ties.





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