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2) How does your media product represent particular social groups?

2) How does your media product represent particular social groups?
After I had identified the social group who would be most interested in buying and reading my magazine it was then easy to use the information from my research to help me represent this particular social group through my magazine. I did this through the colours I used, the images I used, the clothes that the models/ artists were wearing, the hair and make-up of the models/ artists and the text I used. The social group that my magazine is aimed at are stereotypically interested in fashion, make-up, hairstyles and celebrities. I incorporated all of these things onto my mood board which then helped me to include all of these elements into my final magazine.
Mood Board
All throughout my magazine I have represented females by making them look modern, trendy and fashionable. All of the pictures in the magazine are of females and are dressed in the latest styles; this is something that I believe represent the chart music genre very well. The female models which I have used in my magazine are all within my target audience as they are aged between 17-23, this again represents chart music through my magazine.
Having natural makeup is also something which is represented through chart music so I made sure that my models weren’t wearing any makeup which was overpowering as this wouldn’t appeal to my target audience because it doesn’t represent them. I also used natural lighting in all of my pictures other than two of them which are on my contents page as they were taken at concerts and I obviously couldn’t control the lighting of these.
Makeup and Lighting
All of the content in the magazine is aimed at teenagers/ younger adults. This is because my target audience is of these ages and as I want to represent them within my magazine to make them buy it, this was essential.

It was important that my magazine represented all of these areas as it will attract the target audience to buy the magazine and it will become more desirable to them.
Another way that I represented my target audience was through the content in my magazine. For my double page spread article I needed to write about something that my target audience were interested in, I also needed to represent them through it so I decided to write about the X Factor as it is something that most of my target audience watch and enjoy reading about the gossip. The X Factor represent my target audience as its portrayed as very pop and most of the music in the show has either been in the charts or is currently in the charts. X Factor is also all about finding a new chart star so it’s obvious that my target audience will want to watch the show and back their favourites.
Double Page Spread
One of the images in my double page spread shows two models as a group lying on many CD’s. This portrays that there are many genres of music within chart music however the clothes and the makeup that the models are wearing represents pop music and will therefore make my target audience want to buy the magazine.

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2) How does your media product represent particular social groups?