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Cows, Conflict and Community_ the Newark Civil War Project

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Cows, Conflict and Community:the Newark Civil War Project
Dr Rachel AskewProject Co-ordinator
Newark and the First Civil War
English Civil War (1642-1646/7, 1648-1649, 1650-1651)Newark fortified 1642-1646Participated in 3 siegesEarthworks constructed by 3 armies: Royalist, Parliamentarian and Scottish
PlagueSurvey of castle, 18thMarch 1650Defences destroyed, 1647
‘theSite of the Castle ofNewarkelately dismantled within theCircumferancewhereof is one acreofground or thereaboutewhich ground is now ofnoeuse by Reason of the Stone Rubbish and otherMateriallsofthe Castle now demolished which doeincumberthe same. And the said Castle issoeRuienousthat itwillnever be made habitablehaveingenotheigneleft but Ruinouspeecesof thewalles’
Resolved, &c. That the Fort at the River nearNewarkbedisgarisoned, slighted, and dismantled.
(Journalof the House of Commons5:102, 1stMarch1647)
Summary of current knowledge
Most extensive and completeCWearthworks in the countryBut the location of many earthworks is still unknownIn addition, many of the earthworks are not accessible to the general public
The Newark Civil War Project: aims
Locate earthworksInvestigate through non-invasive and invasive meansRecord the earthworks and other related activitiesImprove accessibility
Aim 1: Locate earthworks I
Aerial Photography
Aim 1: Locate earthworks II
Geophysical surveyMagnetometryResistivity in planResistivity in profileGPRWill take place in playing fields, parks and private gardens
Aim 2: Investigate. Non-invasive techniques
Field walkingMetal detectingIdentification workshops on 17th-century material
Aim 2: Investigate. Invasive techniques
Open area, training excavationsAreas selected on basis of surveyOver inhabited areas rather than ditchesMay include outlying villages
Aim 3: Record
Use of GPS to record find scattersRecording of all excavations to professional standards3D laser scanning of upstanding monuments
Aim 4: Increase Accessibility
Construction of 3D virtual reconstructionImproved interpretation at Queen’s SconceBetter signposting and explanation of upstanding monuments
Additional activities
Youth involvementEducational programme within local schoolsMusic and drama programmesDocumentation of the project through film, photography and other media





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Cows, Conflict and Community_ the Newark Civil War Project