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Precision Agriculture_ Past and Present

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Precision Agriculture: Past and Present
Justin Ludwig
Biosystemsand Agricultural Engineering (BAE) JuniorDecided on BAEOkarche, OKGrew up on 1,300 acre wheat, cattle, and hay farmUp to 450 stocker steers in winterAlfalfa and Bermuda grass hayBeen on the farm ever since age 3, cheap than a babysitter
Precision Agriculture in the 90’s
3 technologies became widelyavailabileGlobal Positioning System (GPS)Geographic Information System (GIS)Remote Sensing
Allowed farmers’ to find location in fieldsCivilian got access in the 90’sStarted to produce yield maps in the late 90’sLed to the light bar: monitorsOne of the first systems:
GPS Today
Accuracy for John DeereStarfireReceiversWAAS Static Accuracy: 30 inchesWAAS Pass to Pass Accuracy: 18 inchesStarfire1, exclusive to John Deere, Static Accuracy: 30 inchesStarfire1 Pass to Pass Accuracy: 13 inchesStarfire2 Static Accuracy: 10 inchesStarfire2 Pass to Pass Accuracy: 4 inchesStarfire2 is used for precise guidance applications
GPS Today
CNH Accuracy levelsAFSAccuGuideAutoguidance,AgGPSAutoPilot,AgGPSTrueTracker: 3 ft to sub in. depends on receiverAgGPSEZ-Steer 500 Assisted Steering : 8 in.AgGPSEZ-Guide 500: 3 ft to sub in,dependsonreceiverAgGPSEZ-Guide Plus: 1 ft
GPS Today
AGCO Accuracy:SubmeterWAAS Static: 39 inches, Dynamic: 10 inchesSubmeterOmniSTARVBS Static: 31 inches, Dynamic: 8 inchesDecimeterOmniSTARHP Static: 4 inches, Dynamic: 2 inchesDecimeter Local Base DGPS Static: 4 inches, Dynamic: 2 inchesCentimeter Local Base RTK Static and Dynamic: .8 inches
Yield Monitors Today
Variety of monitors from John Deere, CNH, AGCO, Ag Leader, Trimble, and many othersExample of a Trimble Monitor: Leader:
GIS in the 90’s
Created in 1960’s, became popular in the 90’s4 phases in GIS history1stphase- Decided what was important. 1960-19752ndphase- Experimental use by national agencies. 1973-19803rdphase-Commericaluse. 1982-Late 80’s4thphase- User phase 90’s-PresentEarly 90’s- GIS releasedLate 90’s- Adoption by cities and community organizations
GIS Today
Basis for Google and Bing MapsAble to userastersand vectorsRasters-any digital imageVectors-shapefilesmade up of points, lines, and polygons
GIS Today Agricultural Use
Used to share data, increase data, increase yields, predict outcomes, improve business practicesSave expensesSubmit government program applicationsInsurance crops, proving yields
Remote Sensing in the 90’s
Satellite imageryMeasure using the electromagnetic spectrumVisible/Infrared RegionInfrared RegionFoundation of many sensors in use todayFirst models of many applications that have been improvedGrain bins sensor,Greenseeker, countless others
Remote Sensing Today
Used to apply variable rate fertilizers/pesticidesNew and improved versions of older sensing applicationsSoil sampling
Precision Agriculture has improved over the last 20 years, will continue to improve, cheapenAll help farmersReducefatiageSave moneyBring in new management practices





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Precision Agriculture_ Past and Present