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_-The COMET Program_MetEd_ An Introduction to Geodetic …

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Getting Started in GER: Designing an Effective Geoscience Education Research ProtocolEarth Educators’ Rendezvous,July 21-22 2016
David A.McConnell, DougCzajka,LeeAnnaChapman, and Jason JonesMarine, Earth & Atmospheric SciencesNorth Carolina State University
Ice Breaker
Go to the location designated for:Number of years teaching(0-2/3-6/7-12/13-20/>20)Typeof institution/program(PhD/MS/BS/2YC/Other)Faculty type (discipline research focused/ed-research focused/teaching focused)
Getting Started in GER
Speed Introductions
Three things:Who you areWhere you are fromA potential research topic
Getting Started in GER
Workshop Goals
As a result of participation in this workshop, participants will be able to:Writea testable hypothesis regarding some aspect of geoscience educationGenerate a research question to explore in one ofyourclassesOutline some basic steps to investigateyourresearch questionDescribe how they would analyzeyourresearch findings.
Getting Started in GER
How often doyou share learning goals/objectives with your students?How often do you use data to make decisionsaboutyour teaching practices?How frequently do you discuss teaching practices and/or student learningprocessescolleagues?Howoften do youattendpresentations about research on teaching and learning in collegecourses?The assessments I use in my course provide convincing data about student learning.Showingevidence of improving teaching and/or student learning is important in my department.
Getting Started in GER





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_-The COMET Program_MetEd_ An Introduction to Geodetic …