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Writing a SMART Goal - Virginia Department of Education

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Writing a SMART Goal
Assessing Rigor of Goals
Progress (Growth) vs. Achievement Goals
PROGRESSStudents will score X%greater on thepost-test than on thepre-test.ORStudents will increasetheir performance by Xperformance level onthe rubric.
ACHIEVEMENTX% of students willachieve a score of X orhigher.
Sample SMART Goal
In the current school year, all students will make measurable progress in the area of two-dimensional landscape.  Using a 24-point division-developed rubric to measure texture, form, space, color, tone, and line (in which 20 points is considered proficient) all students will improve at least 6 points throughout the course of the year.  Studentsscoringat alevel 20 or higher will further advance their skills by learning another artistic style, such as stilllife, and will perform at a proficient level.
Sample SMART Goal
Specific: The goal is focused on two-dimensional landscape.Measurable: An appropriate rubric is used to assess performance.Appropriate: The teacher teaches the content and skills contained in middle school art.Realistic: The goal of increasing student performance by at least six points is realistic. Students who have already reached this goal are provided another goal. [All students are incorporated into goal setting.]Time-bound: Goal attainment can be addressed by the end of the year with a performance task scored by a division-developed rubric.





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Writing a SMART Goal - Virginia Department of Education