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The COMET Program_MetEd_ An Introduction to Geodetic …

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Developing (or Modifying) an Intro Geoscience Course UsingInTeGrateModulesEarth Educators’ Rendezvous,July17-19, 2017
David A.McConnellMarine, Earth & Atmospheric SciencesNorth Carolina State University
Ice Breaker
Go to the location designated for:Class type(physicalgeology/earth science/environmental geology/environmentalscience/other)Numberof intro classes per year (0-1/2-3/4-5/6+)Number of years teaching (0-2/3-6/7-12/13-20/>20)Typeof institution/program (PhD/MS/BS/2YC/Other)
Form a number line bysizeof class<50 to>200
Speed Introductions
Three things:Who you areWhere you are fromBest teaching moment
Workshop Goals
Compare and contrastInTeGratelessons and activities with learning goals for existing coursesRedesign courses and/or lessons to incorporate suitableInTeGrateactivities.AdaptInTeGrateresources to meet the needs of specific learning environments
Post-it Note TaskWrite two words or a short phrase describing why youselected to participate in this workshop
Self-Inventory Activity
Place notes at locations indicated.Reviewposted notes,and reorganize.Brieflydiscuss with colleagues, report out.
Day 1 Workshop Objectives
After Day 1, workshop participants will be able to:Describethe goals of theInTeGrateproject.Identify the content of at least sixInTeGratemodules.Explain the format of theInTeGratemodules.List the five major characteristics of allInTeGratemodules.Describe one or more activities from selectedInTeGratemodules.





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The COMET Program_MetEd_ An Introduction to Geodetic …