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AdversaryAn enemy.“He saw her as his main adversary in the team.”AplombConfidence and style.“Gary conducted himself with aplomb during his presentation.”ApprehensiveFeelingworried about something thatisgoing tohappen.“Sarah was apprehensive because she hadn’t revised.”AptitudeA natural ability or skill.“Josh has no aptitude for sport.”AttentiveListening carefully.“The audience were attentive.”
BanishTosend someoneaway andnot allow them to comeback.“Neil was banished from the classroom.”BarricadeObjects put together tostop people from going where they want togo.“Inmates created a barricade between themselves and the prison guards.”BluffTo deceive someone or to lie about your knowledge.“Harry doesn’t know a lot about music – he’s bluffing.”BrackishDirty and unpleasant water.“Leanne fell into the brackish water.”BrandishTowave something in the air in a threatening or excitedway.“She brandished a saucepan at me.”
CircumferenceTheline surrounding a circular space, or the length of thisline.“The circumference of the earth is 40,075 KM.”CommotionAsudden, short period of noise, confusion, or excitedmovement.“His presence causes quite a commotion.”ConcoctionThe result of mixing things together.“The player was a concoction of speed, agility and stamina.”ConspicuousVerynoticeable or attracting attention, often in a way that is notwanted.“Her bright pink hair was conspicuous.”ContortionTo twistor bend violently and unnaturally into a different shape orform.“His face contorted with bitterness and rage.”
CounterToreact to something with an opposing opinion oraction.“Policehave been moved into the area to counter the riskof violence.”CunningPlanning to getwhat they want, especially by tricking otherpeople.“He’s a very cunning man.”DebrisBrokenor torn pieces of somethinglarger.“Debris from the aircraft was scattered over a large area.”DefianceBehaviourin which you refuse to obey someone orsomething.“They continued to use their phone, in defiance of the school rules.”DeftSkilful, clever or quick.“Her movements were deft and quick.”
DestinationTheplace where someone is going or where something is beingsent/taken.“We arrive at our destination tired and hungry.”DiminishToreduce or be reduced in size orimportance.“School memories will not be diminished by time.”DisdainNotlikingsomething &thinkingtheydo not deserve your interest/respect.“She treats the teacher with disdain.”DismalSad and without hope.“The weather was dismal.”DispelToremove fears, doubts, and falseideas.“I would like the dispel the recent rumours about me.”
EavesdropTolisten to someone's private conversation without themknowing.“Hewas eavesdropping on our conversation.”EgregiousExtremelybad in a way that is verynoticeable“Itwas an egregious error for a statesman to show such ignorance.”EmberSomething that continuesto burn after a fire has no moreflames.“Wesat by the glowing/dying embers of the fire.”EmergeToappear by coming out of something or out from behindsomething.“Sheemerged from the sea, blue with cold.”EngrossIf something engrosses you, it is so interesting /you give it all yourattention.“Whatis it about Harry Potter that so engrosses children?”
ExasperationThefeeling of beingannoyed becauseyou can do nothing to solve aproblem.“There is growing exasperation within thegovernment.”ExhilarateTogive someone strong feelings of happiness andexcitement.“Waiting for the next journey never ceased to exhilarate him.”FalterTolose strength or purpose and stop, or almoststop.“Thedinner party conversation faltered for a moment.”ForesightTheability to judge correctly what is going to happen in thefuture.“She'dhad the foresight to sell her apartmentat the right time.”FragranceAsweet or pleasantsmell.“Thedelicate fragrance ofroses.”





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