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Workplace Injuries and Safety -

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Rutherford CountyWorkplace Injuries and Safety
“Safety is no accident..”
Course Outline:
ObjectivesBecome familiar with workplace injuries and potential safety hazards.Increase safety awareness in all county workplaces.Assessment5 question quiz
What is a Workplace Injury?
Workplace Injury:An injury, illness or death arising outof and in the course and scope of employment is by definitiona compensable work-related claim.Common Workplace Accidents That Result in Injury:Lifting/transporting objectsSlips, trips, and fallsStruck by or against an objectBeing caught in equipmentRepetitive motion
Workplace Injury Statistics
On each work day a fatal injury occurs every 2 hours and a disablinginjury happens every 8 hours.What Causes Accidents88% Are Caused By Human ErrorUnder Confident With Job Task Or EnvironmentOver Confident With Job Task Or EnvironmentShort Cuts10% Are Caused By Mechanical FailureWorn EquipmentFaulty Equipment2% Beyond Human ControlAct Of NatureReferenceReese C. D.Accident/Incident Prevention Techniques.London: Taylor & Francis (2001),
Unsafe Work Methods To Avoid
Samples:Lifting, pushing, pulling, holding, carrying or throwing heavy objects.Using equipment without inspecting it firstDisregarding the mandatory uses of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)Storing heavy objects on top shelvesStoring cleaners and other chemicals in un-marked containers/locationsUsing chairs or tables to climb withAllowing clutter to build up in your working environmentRemoving machine guards or safety devices to ease task completionWearing un-approved footwear or clothing for physical job demands
Safety AwarenessKnow Your Hazards & Risk
Lifting & Moving ObjectsClimbingWet FloorsDamaged EquipmentChemicalsFire & SteamBlood-borne Pathogens
Strains/SprainsFallingSlips/Trips/FallsCuts/Burns/ShockExposureBurnsMRSA, HepB & C
Plan/Stretch/Mech. AidLadders/Stools/SpottersSignage/AwarenessEquipmentInspectionPPE/Reading LabelsPPE/AwarenessAwareness/PPE/Vaccine
Environmental HazardsIn Your Workplace
Remain aware of otherenvironmental andworkplaceconditions that can be conducive for the risk of injury:Walking/Working surfacesWorn/Faulty EquipmentHousekeepingExtreme TemperaturesNoisePoor lightingReport all hazards of this nature to your supervisor and or safety contact ASAP
Safety Is Everyone's Responsibility
Supervisors:Communicate workplace safety hazards & riskEnsure employees are trained & qualified for job tasksEnforce and promote workplace safety proceduresConduct safety inspections & accident investigationsEmployees:Should talk to managers about safety concernsFollow safety policies & standard operating proceduresReport all injuries that occur on the jobWatch out for each other
Safety = Reducing the Risk
Know theHazardsand associatedRiskFollow Standard Operating ProceduresPay attention to your surroundingsBe mindful of unsafe work methodsStay focused around safety hazardsReport safety hazards
For answers to questions, interactive discussion orother information related toWorkplace Safetyandthis training, please contact:Dan [email protected]
Click on the link below to take a 5-Question Quiz. must take the quiz to receive credit for the Safety Training.Once you have linked to the quiz, please enter your Social SecurityNumber at the top. You will need to enter it according to the exampleshown (ex. 999-99-9999 with hyphens included). Once finished with thequestions, please click the submit button and your training will berecorded.





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Workplace Injuries and Safety -