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Mediation Mindsets, Mindfulness, and Meditation

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Mindfulness forConflict Resolvers
Interagency ADRWorking GroupLunchtime ProgramRachel Wohl, Esq.Washington, D.C.July 12, 2016
What Is Mindfulness?
Paying Focused Nonjudgmental Attention on Purpose, in the Present MomentObserving/Witnessing our Own Thoughts, Body Sensations & Emotions with Kindly CuriosityObserving/Witnessing Others and our Environment with Kindly Curiosity
Mindful Dispute Resolvers
Mindfulness HelpsDispute Resolversto:Be Intentional instead of on Auto-PilotBe Calm Amidst Tumult, RelaxedNotice/Release Judgments of Self and OthersBe Open to Understanding Instead ofMakingAssumptionsSee ClearlyBe Compassionate
What is Mindfulness Meditation?
Mindfulness Meditation Is an“…InnerJourney…the delicate Art of Allowing aThought or Feeling to be whatever it is, with-out Getting Sucked into it..[a Discipline] toRegain Our NaturalControl…OurFreedom”BoLozoff,We’re all Doing TimeIt Is A FormofExercise That Strengthens Our Ability To Behave Mindfully In Our Work And PersonalLives.
Enhances a Dispute Resolver’s“Presence”Promotes Calmness of Mind, Body & SpiritLowers Reactivity,Distractability&StressPromotes Self-MasteryIncreases Clarity and Mental AcuityIncreases Awareness of Self & OthersIncreases Compassion for Self & OthersIncreases Freedom from HabitualReactionsPromotes Good Health & Brain Development
Myths About Mindfulness Meditation
Blank MindSelf-CenteredWoo Woo– New Age SpiritualWoo Woo – SupernaturalReligiousHumorlessŸy
OurMinds:Differentiate and AnalyzeReceive and Generate ThoughtsCompulsively Narrate our LivesJump Around Wildly - Monkey MindThink about the Past and the FutureWander and Day DreamRun Amok with Worry and Anxiety
We Are Not Our Minds
Mindfulness Meditation
Can be done sitting or walking, and includes two forms of meditation:Concentration (focus onspecific things)Open Awareness or Bare attention (receptive towhatever arises)
Mindfulness Meditation Techniques
Anchor to the Present Moment in the BreathObserve/Witness ThoughtsObserve/Witness Body SensationsObserve/Witness Emotions or Mood
Stop (cast your eyes down)Take a belly BreathObserve what’s happening within – thoughts,body sensations, emotionsProceedSchooland used in its trainingprogramsAdapted from STOP Developed by the Stress Reduction Clinic, University of Massachusetts Medical School, and used in itsMBSR trainingprograms.
An Intention is not a Goal or OutcomeAn Intention Reflects ValuesTypical Intentions Include:To Be Present / MindfulTo Be KindTo Be CalmTo Be CourageousSTOPSI and Taking STOCK Help Us to Implement Our Intentions
Setting and Following Intentions
Mindfulness is Paying Focused AttentionAttention follows IntentionHaving an Intention to be Mindful is aPowerful Aid to Sustaining MindfulnessName your IntentionImagine using itUnderChallengingCircumstancesWeCannot Control What Happens, But We Can Intentionally Control Our Response to What Happens
StopTake abelly breathObserve:thoughts, body sensations, emotions,ProceedtoSETaclearandsimpleINTENTION (imagine difficulty following)Copyright © 2016Leonard L. Riskin & RachelWohl
Taking STOCK
STOPSI (Initially)StopTakeabelly BreathObserve:Thoughts,Body Sensations, EmotionsConsider:Are You Following or Changing Your Intention?WHAT NEXT?Keep goingCopyright © 2016 Leonard L.Riskin& RachelWohl
Favorite Bumper Stickers
Don’t Believe Everything You Think.Mindfulness, It’s Not What you think.
Mindfulness Can Help UsBe PresentAndSkillful For Those We Serve,For Ourselves and for Others.
How Do You Get to Carnegie Hall?
ThisPresentation ProvidesaWee TasteofMindfulness MeditationMindfulness Meditation Strengthens OurAbility to Behave Mindfully in our Work and LifePRACTICE is Absolutely Necessary,Preferably with guidance from anExperienced Teacher or Sitting Group
A) Loving-Kindness Meditation
May I be filled withPeace.May I be filled withJoy.May I be filled withKindness for myself and others.May I be filled withCompassionfor myself and for others.
B) Loving-Kindness Meditation
MayI be safe and protected from allinner and outer harm.May I be happy, peaceful and calm.MayI be as strong and as healthy asit is possible for me to be.May I care for myself with joyand ease.





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Mediation Mindsets, Mindfulness, and Meditation