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Quick fire questions
Which foods should be prepared on the flowing colour boards in a commercial kitchen – red, green, black, white, yellow and blue (6)2. What are the four conditions needed for bacteria to grow (4)3. Name two functions of fat (2)4. What is produced as yeast ferments (1)5. Name a cake made using the rubbing in method (1)6. Name a cake made using the whisking method (1)7. Name the cake making method used to make brownies8. What type of flour is used to make choux pastry and why (2)9. What doesencroute mean (1)10. What does the term enrobing mean and what could be used to enrobe a food (2)
Red – raw meatGreen – salad and fruitBlack- vegetablesWhite – bakery & dairyYellow – cooked meatBlue- raw fish2. Warmth/ Food/ Time/ moisture3. Energy/ warmth/ protection of organs/ sources of fat soluble vitamins A,D,E,K4. Carbon dioxide5. Rock cakes, fruit cake, welsh cakes6. Swiss roll, Genoese sponges7.melting8. Strong flourTo enable the pastry to rise and hold its shape9. Wrapped in pastry10. To coat a food in breadcrumbs or batter
The storage of meatMeat and poultry are perishable foods . Poultry in particular is a high risk food because it contains bacteria that can cause food poisoning such as salmonella.Buying:Buy from reputable butchers/ supermarketsCheck packaging is not damaged or openCheck dates on pre-packed meatOffal should smell fresh, not strong odourStorage:Store fresh meat at 0-5 CStore raw and cooked meat separatelyStore raw meat at bottom of fridgeEnsure all meat is securely wrappedStore poultry away from other raw meat to prevent salmonella cross-contaminationOnly freeze meat before the use by dateUse meat within two days of defrosting
The nutritional value of meatHigh biological value proteinFatMinerals- iron, magnesium, potassium, selenium and zincVitamins A and D, Vitamin B (especially B12)Chicken is lower in fat and slightly higher in protein than red meat.
Cooking methods for meat & poultry
Preparing meat before cookingTenderising meatHerbs, spices, acids such as lemon or tomatoes , wine or vinegar can be used to produce a marinade. Tis adds flavour and changes the tougher collagen togelatinwhich allows the hold more water which makes it more tender when cooked.Boning meat –involves removing bones in certain joints to make carving an portion control easierBatting –using a meat hammer to flatten small piece of meat to break down connective tissueTying– securing a joint with string to keep meat in place or keep a filling in
Food poisoning –results from poor food preparation or hygiene:Juices from raw poultry dropping on cooked foodsPoultry not cooked at correct temperature or the right amount of timeFailure to allow poultry to defrost thoroughlyUsing same chopping board for raw and cooked poultryEating it after use by date
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Produce your own revision sheet for the following dairy products:MilkCheeseYogurtCreamFruit and vegetablesCereals





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