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SLEEP A quick review for Module 4, Lesson 3 -

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SLEEPA quick review for Module 4, Lesson 3
These are the reasons you should sleep. . .
Mental sharpnessProductivityEmotional balanceCreativityPhysical vitalityRegulates weightImmunity
You should get 8-10 hours sleep
Infants- 12 to 18 hoursChildren- (ages 5-12 years old) 10 to 11 hoursAdults-7.5 to 9 hoursIt all depends on your age.
Why Sleep?????
It reduces depression and stress, improves immunity, lowers risk for chronic disease and injury, and improves you mental function.
If you don’t get enough sleep you could end up with. . .
Diabetes, Heart Disease, or Obesity
Remember these four stages of sleep and know that you will cycle through these four to six times a night!
Stage N1(Transition to sleep) –Lasts about 5 minutes.You are easily awakened.Stage N2(Light sleep) –Lasts about 10 to 25 minutes.Eye movement stops, heart rate slows,and body temperature decreases.Stage N3(Deep sleep) – 25-70 minutesYou’re difficult to awaken.REM sleep(Dream sleep) –About 70 to 90 minutes after falling asleep
So get better sleep by. . .
ExerciseDon’t eat late at nightAvoid alcohol, caffeine and drinks before bedQuit smokingCool rooms helpLow noiseHave a regular bedtimeGet outside* all photos from





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SLEEP A quick review for Module 4, Lesson 3 -