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Preparing for Resident research day
Documentation and Deadlines
Abstract and manuscript due on May 13, 2019.Agenda, abstract book, and manuscripts sent to adjudicators on May 17, 2019.PowerPoint Presentation due on May 27, 2019.
Abstract and Manuscript components
AbstractManuscriptIntroduction/BackgroundResearch Question(s)MethodologyFindings/ResultsDiscussionConclusionsRecommendations/AcknowledgementsReferences
Use template attached to the memo.Do not modify the template.Maximum of 300-350 words.Do not include in-text citations.
Briefly introduce your research topic.Include a concise review of the literature.Reference current Canadian literature and statistics where possible.Highlight the gap(s) in the literature that your question(s) emerged from.Funnel down to your research question(s).
Research question(s)
State your research questionas a question.Does regular exercise (>30 minutes of cardio, 3-4 times/week) result in lowered blood pressure for patients with hypertension?Avoid using vague language, such as ‘aim’ or ‘objective’.The aim of this research project is to…Rule of thumb: you can answer a question, but you cannot answer an aim or an objective.
Identify the type ofresearch design you used for your project.Chart review, case study, meta-analysis, etc.Describe your research setting.Describe your participants.Sample size, sampling strategy,inclusion/exclusioncriteria.Identify and describe the tool(s) you used to collect your data, if any.
Describe your data collection process.Outlinethe methods you used to analyze your data.Analytical software, statistical tests, coding techniques, theme saturation.Suggestions for reporting on quantitative methodology?State whether you received ethics approval and operational approval, if applicable.
Avoidspeculating about why the findings/results may be the way they are. That is what the Discussion section is for.Suggestions for reporting quantitative research?Findings/results stated in graph- or table-form should not be repeatedwithinthe text of the manuscript.If reporting qualitative research, be sure to clearly state your themes and give adequate consideration to each one.Include quotes from data, as necessary, to support your statements.Avoid using a large number of long quotes.
Situateyour findings/results within the literature.Make links between what you found and what has or has not been found in other research.Reasonable speculation about why your findings/results may be the way they are.Consider your research setting and participants.Utility and transferability of your findings/results to other settings and populations.Salient limitations can be included in this section.
The conclusion answers your research question(s) using your reported findings/results.Straight line from research questionthrough findings/results to conclusion.Future directions for research can be included in this section.
Recommendations need to be supported by the findings/results.Acknowledgeany funding received to complete your research.Acknowledge any outsidesupport.TheSocial Sciences Research Laboratories at theUofSor the Research and Performance Support Unit in the RQHR.
References to be formatted in NLM.The NLM handbook,Citing Medicine, is available for free download from PubMed.Citations should be ordered sequentially(ie. 1, 2, 3) within the manuscript and references list, instead of alphabetically.Number of in-text citations is consistent with language used in manuscript.Many studiesshow that… | Asignificant body of researchhas emerged…→5+ citations.Few studiesindicate that…→2-3 citations.
Evaluation Criteria
AbstractManuscriptIntroductionCritique of the LiteratureResearch Question(s)MethodologyResults/Discussion/ConclusionsEthics ApprovalPresentation and CommunicationOriginalityBenefit(s) to Family Medicine/Primary Healthcare
Tips for Success
Use terms consistently.Primary care physician, family physician, general practitioner →family physicianDefine your terms.Introduce acronyms and, once introduced, use them consistently.The College of Family Physicians of Canada(CFPC)establishes standards for…Formatting is just as important as writing.If working in a group, have one group member edit the finished manuscript for cohesiveness.
Tips for success
Startnow! Createa plan with yourgroup andidentify who will complete what by when between now and May.If you are still doing datacollection,be sure to factorin enough time for analysis and summarizing results.Focus on preparing your manuscriptfirst. YourPowerPoint presentation should reflect the information in yourmanuscript.Consult journal articles similar intopic and/or design toyour project for examples of how to write up results, compareyour findings/results.Consult your supervisor or research supportsfor assistance.





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