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5~Team Development - Steve Hansen

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Steven Hansen, PEDirector of Public Works - Liberty, MOKC Public Works InstituteApril7, 2015
What is a team?
“A team is a group of people with complementary skills committed to achieve acommon goal.”
Breaking it down
Number of people6-12 is usually considered manageable
Complementary Skills
Each member possesses particular skills or talentsBlended these skills & talents improve the capability of the teamIn high performing teams, members canperform each other’s job
Common Purpose
Teams work on particular projects, tasks or types of workCommittees are not necessarily teamsMost effective teams have a written charter outlining a clear goal, purpose and mission
Common Approach
Putting people in a work environment does not result in an effective & productive teamThe most productive teams follow a standardized methodology for problem solving, improving a process or designing a new service/productInitially teams require extensive training, mentoring and coaching
Building a Team with PRIDE
Provide a positive working environmentRecognize, reward, reinforce the right behaviorInvolve everyoneDevelop skills and potentialEvaluate and measure continuously
Your challenge
Identify your biggest challenge in getting the most out of your team and share with the groupDivide into 5 groups – one for each letter of PRIDEUsing one of the identified challenges, talk about what your agency does to address the aspect of team building assigned to your group (P, R, I, D or E)Mix with representatives of other agencies, not just your coworkersShare the ideas discussed in your group with everyone
Case Studies
Stay in same five groupsRead case studies and discuss approaches to developing a team in each situationShare discussion with entire groupDiscuss as many as time allows
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5~Team Development - Steve Hansen