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Meiosis Candy Crush - Crestwood Middle School

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Meiosis Candy Crush
First of All…….
DON’T EAT THE CANDY!!!!!!Yet. Om nom nom.
Lab Procedure
You will be doing a lab which will take you through the phases ofMeiosis, using the candy as parts of the cell!!
What are the phases of Meiosis?
Prophase IMetaphase IAnaphase ITelophaseIProphase IIMetaphase IIAnaphase IITelophaseII
Lab is in2Steps….
Step 1:Formthe phase with your partner using the candy.Remember: Meiosis does PMAT 2X!PMAT(1) PMAT (2)Whenyou are done,raise your handso the teacher can come by andcheck your cells. If we check you off,you may continue to STEP 2.
Next Step!
Step 2:Draw the phase in the worksheet provided and write what is happening.Note: This worksheet is what will be graded, so be sure to do yourbestwork here! Explain in your own words.
What is up with all this sugar?!
PlateSour Gummy WormsSweet Gummy WormPull n’ Peel TwizzlersStarburstCytoplasmHom. Chromosome AHom. Chromosome BSpindleFibersCentrioles
Let’s Get Started
DON’T EAT THE CANDY!We’ll guide you throughWork with your partner!FILL OUT THE WORKSHEET AS YOU GO!!Remember to get checkedoff2 Heads are better than 1
Prophase I
Make sure to cross-over!
Metaphase I
Homologous pairsline up in themiddle!
Anaphase I
Ana-away? Spindle Fibers pull the pairs away from one another…. Attaches on only ONE side.
Telophase I
Cytokinesis!! Haploid Cells!!
Prophase II
We start over again!! But no swappinghappenin.
Metaphase II
Single file line this time
Anaphase II
The spindle fibers attach at both sides. They pull the copies apart.
Telophase II
Four daughter cells! Unique in every way!





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Meiosis Candy Crush - Crestwood Middle School