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Medication Units - SAMHSA

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Pinnacle Treatment Centers
Medication Unit PresentationHollyBroce, MHA, CADC
Where Do I Start?
CSAT SMA 162 Application for Medication UnitDEA Application for New Registration NumberState Regulations and Requirements908 KAR 1:340 Section 18 for KentuckyDiscussion with your SOTA
Kentucky NTP Regulations
Medication Unit Facility must be within 45-90 miles of Main ClinicMedication should be obtained from the Main Clinic
Drug Enforcement Administration
Medication Unit must meet same requirements as a full clinicNarcotic SafeDiversion Control PracticesDEA Registration Number
SMA 162 application is done online through OTP extranet siteAttachment Letters:“This location will open only as a medication unit and will only administer medication and collection drug screen samples. At this time there will be no counseling or admission services at this facility.”“This location will be managed by the Program Sponsor. As Program Sponsor, I affirm that I have oversight of patient care at both the main site and med unit location.”
SOTA (State Opiate Treatment Administrator)DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration)CARF-Accreditation (Joint Commission, etc)Inform CARF of the medication unit and it will be surveyed along with the main clinicAll Health and Safety Items Apply
Current Kentucky Medication Units
Center for Behavioral HealthElizabethtown, KY (Main Clinic)Bowling Green, KYPinnacle Treatment CentersNKY Med Clinic (Main Clinic)Georgetown, KYCarrollton, KYMaysville, KYWestern KY Medical (Main Clinic)Owensboro, KY
Kentucky has 120 counties, most of which are ruralKentucky regulations require daily attendance for longer than other statesEase of Access for patients ******
Why Medication Units?
Ease of Access
MAT Goals:Patients to WorkPatients to re-enter SocietyPatients to care for familiesPatients to become financially stable
Driving two-four hours a day interrupts normal life and does the opposite of what we want MAT to do.
Summary: Access Increased
Med Units in KY increased treatment options by 28%





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Medication Units - SAMHSA