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The Grand opening_ how to write a killer introduction

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The Grand opening: how to write a killer introduction
“And how should I begin?”
A few quick hints:
Don’t start at the beginning!Use the thesis statement for a working “intro”Write the body paragraphsWhen the body is complete, THEN write the introduction and conclusionMake sure the tone of the intro and conclusion match the tone of the paperNOW….ON WITH THE SHOW!
The General Idea
Every generation has a pop-culture icon. In the 1980s, Madonna became this kind of trend-setter, inspiring the worlds of both music and fashion. Although Madonna is still an influential woman today, a new icon has hit the stage: Lady Gaga.Lady Gaga and “The Material Girl,” Madonna, are similar in many ways.
The Vignette
Growing up, I watched my mother go to a job that paid the bills. My mother worked as a cashier at a discount department store. For minimum wage, she cleaned filthy aisles, endured grouchy customers who yelled at her, and faced being fired if she arrived late. For this reason, I always knew I wanted to support myself with a career, not a job.A good career doesn’t just pay the bills; it offers stimulation, challenge, and fair pay for specialized work.
The Surprising Fact
In the past three years, ten babies have been born with birth defects in a tiny farming community in northern California. Residents of the town, environmental specialists, and health experts have started to investigate the causes behind this high rate of birth defects.Several environmental factors may be the cause of so many birth defects in Kettleman, California.
The Contradiction
Most people do not associate the word “feet” with the phrase “successful profession.” However, these words go well together for podiatrists, licensed medical doctors who specialize in treating the foot and lower leg.Podiatry is an exciting, challenging and profitable profession.
The Great Quote
Walt Disney once said, “All our dreams come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” This concept is part of the American Dream: if we try, we will succeed. However, there are plenty of people in this country who may never achieve their dreams, not because they lack courage, but because they are undereducated.Inadequate schools prevent people from truly reaching their dreams.
Now you try it:
The General IdeaThe VignetteThe Surprising FactThe ContradictionThe Great QuotePrompt: How important is a college education?Prompt: Are good manners out of style?





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The Grand opening_ how to write a killer introduction