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Medical Examiner - Winona

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Medical Examiner
By Marissa Gloege
Medical Examiner is often confused for Coroner in the U.SHeor shemusthave an M.D.and be licensed asa pathologistMay needa degree in law, making them helpful during witnesstestimonyIn many states, there has been a move for replacing the job of a coroner with the medical examiner.Coroners are government appointed people who may not have a medical degreeAmedical examiner is a licensed physician who is appointed by the governor to investigate violent, suspicious or unnatural deaths
What is a pathologist?
PathologistStudies disease through examination of tissue, organs, body fluids and cells.In cases of violence where death has not been reached, a medical examiner can step in and examineRape examinations, blood analysis, analysis of DNA evidence, and documentinginjusries
Need an MDMay need a degree in LawLicense in Pathology11 years of college for a job thatdoesn’t necessarily pay well





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Medical Examiner - Winona