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Dr. M.G.SajjanarKLE Society`s college of EducationHubballi
Teaching effectiveness is concerned with therelationship between the characteristics of teachers., teaching acts and the effectson the educational outcomes of teaching .After analyzing this statement we say that:
The success of a teacher in producingintended behavioral changesamong learners through his act of teaching.Contented with teaching as a profession andable to be successful in achieving prefixed , predeterminedgoals of teaching.
GAGO (1962)
Describes teacher effectiveness in terms ofteacher effectson the realization of some value.Where value takes the form of some educational objectives in termsof students behavior, capability to do work or characteristics
Tojudge the teacher effectiveness various criteria's used often are:PresageProcessProduct criterion.
1.Presage criterion
It is related topersonal characteristicsof a teacher. These are his knowledge in his subject , skills, achievements attitudes etc.There are four types of variables generally accepted as presage criterion for teacher effectiveness.Characteristicsof teacher in training.Knowledge and achievementof teachers.Status characteristicsof in-service teachers.Teacherpersonalityattributes.(qualities)
These include those aspects of teachers and students behavior;which are believed or trusted to be worthwhile in their own right.Thesocio-emotional environmentof the classroom remains to be the major indices.
The final goal of education. It depends uponthe teaching goals,which are most economically stated in terms of students behavioral changes.Teacher effectiveness must relate itself to the studentsgrowth in cognitive, affective and psychomotor areas of behavior.
Pre-existing teacher characteristics
Teacher competencies
Teacher performance
Pupil learning experience
Pupil learning outcome
Teacher Training
External Context
Internal Context
Individual pupil characteristics
The figureshows nine important variablesin the teacher effectiveness and the ultimate decisions to be taken about it.The top row of five kinds of variables each of which has been used at one time or another ascriterion for assessing the teacher.The bottom row of four kinds of variables that directlyaffect the outcome of teaching and are never controlled by teacher. These are beyond the control of a teacher.
In this waythe effectiveness of a teacher depends on at least nine different kinds of variablesand it is vital that they should be clearly remarkable from on another .It is the major responsibility of researchers in teacher effectiveness to make it clearthe contributions of all nine variables to teacher effectiveness.
Teacher effectiveness will be usedto refer to achieved results the teacher gets, or to the quantum of progressthe students make towards some specified, definite predetermined goals of education.Thebehavioral changes among the studentsis the indices of teacher effectiveness.
Teacher effectiveness will be regarded not as permanent, firmly established characteristics as an individual;but as a product of interaction between certain teacher characteristics and other factors that vary according to the situation in which the teacher works.Working conditions of a teacher has direct relation with teacher effectiveness.
Meaning of teacher competency
Competency is a description of these performances that arebased on the acquisition , integration , composite building and application of set of related skills and knowledge.These performances entail a growth process, a complete building as well as the individual learning skill.
Teacher competencerefers to the set of knowledge abilities and beliefsa teacher possesses and brings to the teaching situations.Teacher competencediffers from teachers performance and teacher effectivenessin that it is a stable characteristic of the teacher that does not change appreciably and remarkably when teacher moves from one situation to another.
Teacher competence isconceived of a matter of repertoire.The knowledge skills and beliefs in a teacher repertoire will be referred to as competencies that the teacher possesses.A competency isdefined in terms of what the teacher knows, believes , or can do not in terms of what the teacher can get pupils to do.
Every individual must know his plus points i.e. strengths so that he can develop particular teaching style.Initially he should teach smaller classes to develop competency to face students so he could teach large classes efficiently.
In one or the other aspects of teaching all teachers are weak.There are certain challenges posed by the profession itself, the techniques must be known by the teacher himself in spite of his academic credentials or personal experiences.Some special sessions should be arranged by the expertise and can observe them.They provide some constructive comments to improve one’s teaching skills to fit specific circumstances.
Personal things matters much in teaching “Personal example is better than perception” this doctrine should be followed by the teachers to become a role model to students.It naturally affects students to perceive them. If teacher is well attired , his level of consciousness is heightened and he tend to behave with a particular decorum.Students are the best imitators of teachers. If dressed sloppily , teachers are likely to behave casually. So when teachers dressed well and have good manners, students will probably regard and respect them.
The school is a holy , great place to mould the minds and characters of future leaders.Are we really doing this efficiently?Do our teachers pay more attention to students feed back?To improve themselves are they giving importance to the results or end-of-course and study the comments carefully?Do our teachers remember their students by name and show them concern beyond the class room?
To be more influential and have positive impact on the lives of students a teacher should show profound care for their students.To stretch their academic limits and for adjusting their teaching at the right level within the classroom setting he should know the capabilities of their students.
Teachers themselves are pledged and dedicated to the education of the younger people and act in thebonafideinterest of the students.Teachers are devoted to the educational personal, social, moral and cultural development of their students and aim to teach them how to life long learners and active, creative, productive and contended members of society.
Teachers are more insightful in analyzing their professional practice and can demonstrate evidence- based decision making.Teachers draw upon their professional knowledge to plan a course of action and determine goals that improve their practice and enhance students learning.
They are informed professionals who avail themselves of professional learning opportunities in order to evaluate critically, analytically new and emerging educational trends, professional knowledge.The frame work is based on the promise that effective teachers draw on a body o professional knowledge in order to maximize their capabilities to improve students educational achievements.
The foundation for effective teaching is knowledge of students, curriculum, subject matter pedagogy education – related legislation and the specific teaching context and this enables teachers to be responsive , reactive to the ever changing trends , demands, and needs of learners.





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