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Capitulo 1 Grammar 1 Subjects and verbs in a sentence

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Capitulo7Grammar 1Reflexive, Using infinitives, Stem changing verbs
Reflexive Action: Subject performs the action on themselvesReflexive pronouns:menoste-----sese
Verbs with reflexive pronouns
Pronouns go before the conjugated verb or can attach to the infinitiveWith body parts and clothing items use the definite article: el, la, los,lasI bathe.Yomebaño.I bathe Jenna.Yobañoa Jenna.Jenna puts on make-up. Jenna semaquilla.They want to wash their hair.Ellosquierenlavarseelpelo. orEllossequierenlavarelpelo.
Using infinitives
Pronouns can attach to infinitives.Acabar+ de + infinitive --- to have justEx.Yoacabodeestudiar. I just studied or I just finished studying.antes de + infinitive ---- beforeEx. antes de comer ---- before eatingdespuésde + infinitive ---- afterEx.despuésdecorrer----- after runningpara+ infinitive ----- in order toEx.paranadar---- in order to swim
Stem changing verbs
encontrar(ue) --- to findacostarse(ue) --- to go to bedvestirse(i) ---- to get dresseddespertarse(ie) --- to wake upmantenerse(ie) en forma --- to stay in shape





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Capitulo 1 Grammar 1 Subjects and verbs in a sentence