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Key Educational Improvements

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Key Educational Improvements
Hagley Farm and Environment Centre
The Key Improvements
Improved food and fibre curriculum connectionsSheep and wool experienceDairy experienceAesthetics of the FarmDevelop a ‘farm yard trail’ experienceAim for the ‘post card’ lookDam Forest RedevelopmentPartnership with NRN and NSSCreate a native plant interpretation trailImproved visitor access to the Hagley Farmer‘The face of the Farm’
Sheep and Wool Experience
Establish a Sheep and Wool Awareness CentreRefurbish existing shearing shedInternal and external refurbishmentImproved viewing capacity (Tiered seating)Demonstration facility for shearingFarmer to demonstrate and interact with visitorsWool study classroomfibre studyUse of technology (screens, informative video clips, interactivity)Educational displaysMicroscopesPost farm gate produce display
Dairy Experience
Establish a Dairy Awareness CentreKey Elements:Improved access to milking for all visitorsInteractive Dairy Awareness Classroom to be established
Dairy Awareness Centre
Improved access to milkingMilkingavailable to all visitors (between 10am – 2pm)Facilitated by a small herd of ‘house cows’Milking shed refurbishment (internal and external)Improved visitor viewing facility (tiered seating)Farmer to explain process (AV equipment to support)Interactionwith farmer during milking (Q&A)
Dairy Awareness Centre
Dairy Awareness ClassroomRefurbish existing storage shed (internal and external)Install working separatorand butter churnsIncorporate use of interactive technologyScreens, iPads, computersDairy produce displaysDairy promotional materialsCurriculum support materialsCareer pathway information
The Farm Yard Trail
Establish an interactive educational experience in the farm yardRedesign area to improve access and movement for visitorsFocus on aesthetic appeal(the postcard look)Farm equipment to be placed with informative signageUse of technology – iPads and Q-tagsImproved fencing and entryImprovements to buildings (painting, cladding, murals)Consider visitor parking for future value adding developments
Increased Visitor Access to the Hagley Farmer
Incorporate opportunities for the visitors to interact with the farmerExpert milking and shearing demonstrationsInteraction with visitors through Q & A opportunitiesExpert explanation of processesWork in collaboration with centre teachers
How to increase access to a Hagley FarmerChanges to current farm operationsEmploy casual staffVolunteersHow to finance identified improvementsThrough Visitor Centre RevenueSeek PartnershipsSeek Sponsorship
Two meetings with DairyTasin regards to the Dairy Awareness CentreMark Smith, Simon Bennett & MaryAnn HortleMark Smith to take a proposal to next DairyTasboard meetingSeeking a grant to support a feasibility studyMeeting next week with Sally Murfet –AgriskillsKeen to support theDairyAwareness Centre
TasmanianAgricultural EducationNetwork
Partnership ProposalPlatinum, Silver, BronzeSupported by TAPGOne proposal under considerationdevelop similar structure for Hagley EC
Farm Advisory Group
Report from last meeting
Mick discussed possible options for moving forward and collated by past meetings with Staff, FDG, P&F and School association.
Oncea day milkingLeasing off back of farmFodder cropsBeef enterprise
Discussion on future options
Once a day milking:Group decided not financially viable to drop to once a dayLeasingoff back of farm:Group decided also not an option due to spraying regulations being close to the school, no one would be interested.Leasing land off neighbours:Not a high priority unless investigation of beef/lamb enterprises express need to do so then maybe
Discussion on future options
Fodder crops:Pyrethrum- ??Carrots for seed – NoWheat – definitepossibilityBeef:50 herd beef enterprise $1500 per head to buy 220kg x $6 abattoirs predict mid $4BreedCash flowbetter to run cows/calves
Discussion on future options
Lambs:Lambs & ewes – can run100Other OptionsDiscussedagistmentoptionsDiscussed options of calves to go to other schools to raise – great experience to other children and big cost/time saving
Other Discussion Points
Mick talked about visit DairyTasvisit.Discussions on making dairy into a “Dairy Awareness Centre” beinginteractiveSingle milking option with cow &calfChange of name of this meeting group as presented – to be now known as “Farm Advisory Group” (FAG)
Final Discussion Point
Meeting discussed and supported the engagement of David Armstrong (AK Consultants) to do a feasibility report on an enterprise combination of Beef, Cropping and Prime Lambs. The rationale being that David is highly experienced and has a good knowledge of the existing model.





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Key Educational Improvements