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Project Post Mortem Questions -

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Project Post MortemQuestions
General QuestionsAre you proud of the project deliverables? If yes, what's good? If not, what's not so good?What was the single most frustrating part of the project?How would you do things differently next time to avoid this frustration?What was the most gratifying or professionally satisfying part of the project?Which methods or processes worked particularly well?Which methods or processes were difficult or frustrating to use?If you could change anything about the project, what would you change?
Project PlanHow do the project’s phases, main facts, critical events and inflection points unfold when laid out chronologically?How accurate were original estimates of size and effort?What did we over or under estimate?How could we improve estimates of size and effort to make them more accurate?Did we have the right people assigned to all project roles? (subject matter expertise, technical contributions, management, review and approval, and other key roles)If not, how can we make sure that we get the right people the next time?Were there early warning signs of problems that occurred later in the project?How should we have reacted to these signs?How can we be sure to notice these warning signs next time?Were constraints, limitations, and requirements made clear to all developers and QA staff from the beginning?If not, how could we have improved this?Were all team/stakeholder roles and responsibilities clearly delineated and communicated?If not, how could we have improved these?Were the deliverables specifications, milestones, and specific schedule elements/dates clearly communicated?If not, how could we improve





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Project Post Mortem Questions -