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Taxi Booking Process -

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Taxi Booking Process
Call Aqua Taxis – 0800 666666 –or 02392 818123Inform them that you wish to book a taxi on account and give the followingaccount number:C004They will then ask for your name and a password: -Password:landroverYour name must be on the authorised users list of the booking will not be accepted.The following details then need to be provided to proceed with the booking: -Name ofPatient – as registered on EDGEClinical Trial Name – MUST BE GIVENDateOfTravel – Date of appointmentPick UpAddress – either Home or QAHDestination - either Home or QAHThe booking will then be confirmed by Aqua.The Taxi Booking Log must then be completed as a record of all bookings made. At the end of each month the log must be sent [email protected] checking against the invoice from Aqua Taxis.





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Taxi Booking Process -