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TC_TG_TRG Chair & Vice Chair Training Workshop

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TC ChairTraining -Voting Process
Cynthia GageTAC Training CoordinatorJune 20, 2014
Voting ProcessEstablishing Quorum2/3rdsor simple majority?Recording votesWhen does Chair vote?When there is no quorum
Voting MembershipVotingMembers (6 to 18) – 4 year termsMembers, non-quorum (0 to 2) – 4 year termsA specialcategory for TC/TG/TRG members who are not able to attend every meeting due to travel costs and constraints.LeadershipTheChair is always a voting memberIf necessary, the normal 4-year voting term is extended (up to two years) to cover the Chair’s term.If the Chair’s term falls within the 4-year voting term, the 4-year limit applies.IfVice-Chair is a non-voting member and is running themeeting,Vice-Chair does NOT assume the Chair’s voting rights.Proxy votes are not permitted (except for MTG’s).
Meeting:Quorum to conduct business at meetings is established when the number ofvoting membersEXCEEDS1/2 of the number of Voting Members (both present and absent).WhenaVoting Member-non-quorum is absent, his/her position is not included in the number ofVoting Members.Email or Letter:Quorum for letter or electronic ballots is established when the number ofvoting membersexceeds 1/2 of the number of Voting Members (responding and not responding).Voting Members-non quorum are included as Voting Members.
Prior to Voting
A motion is made.The issue to be voted on is specifically stated.The motion requires a second.After the second, the Chair asks for any further discussion on the issue.IMPORTANT: It should be very clear to all participants exactly what the voting issue is.No motion or second is required when voting by letter or e-mail.Any written vote should be pre-approved by the Chair.
Motions and Majority
Motions requiring 2/3 of voting members:Approval of Work Statements, Research Proposals, and FinalReportsApprovalof HandbookChapters, and SpecialPublicationsMatters related to Standards and GuidelinesThe reasons for negative votes and abstentions on these types of motions shall be recorded and transmitted along with the motion to the next approving body (RAC,STDs)as additional information.Other motions require a simple majority, i.e. in excess of 50%.The motion and results of the vote shall be recorded in the minutes.Abstentionsare “non-votes” and are not counted in determining passage of a motion.Example: 9 of 12 voting members present. Vote needs 2/3rds to pass.Results: 4 in favor, 2 against, 3 abstain,3 absentIf conflicts of interest preclude the TC from reaching amajority,the matter should be referred to TAC via your Section Head.
Recordingthe Votes
The vote should be recorded in the minutes.Thereport of the vote should include a statement indicating the reasons for the negative votes.For matters requiring 2/3rds, statement on reasons for abstentions also needed.The motion and results of votes ofemail/letterballots shall be reported at the next meeting of the TC/TG/TRG and recorded in the minutes.The format of the recording should be:in favor – against – abstaining– not present - CNV/CVas appropriate.Examplevotecount:8-2-0-2-CNV. This indicates that 8people voted in favor, 2 people voted against, no one abstained,2 people were absent, andthe Chair did not vote.
Chair’s Role as Voting Member
In general, the Chair should be impartial.TheChair shouldvote:to break atieto change the outcomeor to send a strong message to a higher body that the committee feels that the motion is extraordinarily important.Examples (9 of 12 voting members present including chair):Break a tie: Before 4-4-0-3, after Chair votes 5-4-0-3Change the outcome:Before 5-3-0-3After Chair votes 6-3-0-3 yields the 2/3rdsmajorityBefore 4-2-0-3After Chair votes 4-3-0-3 no longer 2/3rdsmajority
If No Quorum
Committee business proceeds with the exception of voting.Voting can occur by e-mail or letter ballot after the meeting.Voting can be suspended till the next meeting.Minutes are recorded.
Thank You!
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