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JVP Health Advisory Council (JVP-HAC) - Jewish Voice for …

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JVP Health Advisory Council (JVP-HAC)
Our MissionTo advanceJVP’s mission by bringing a specific focus on health, health care, and human rights to our work onIsrael/Palestine, offering our perspective to educate our co-workers and the general public, and to provide health-related avenues for activism.
What Does the JVP-HACStand For?
Equalaccess to high-quality, affordable health care for all members of society inIsrael/Palestine.Anend to all barriers to movement of Palestinians seeking health services inside and outside the OccupiedTerritories.Anend to all restrictions on import to Gaza and the West Bank of medicines, medical supplies andfood.Anend to restrictions on import of materials and equipment needed for repair and improvement of the water supply, sewage treatment facilities and other infrastructure critical to humanhealth.
What Does the JVP-HACStand For?
An endto the unequal distribution of public and private resources toPalestinians and other non-Jews living in Israel,including health facilities, housing, education and socialservices.We condemn thetorture of Palestinian prisoners by the Israelimilitary, and an end to the complicity of Israeli medical professionals in these practices.Wecondemn Israeli military attacks affectingcivilians,the ultimate assault on the health of the Palestinianpopulation.We condemn thedemolition of homes, hospitals and other healthinfrastructure, andthe targeting of healthworkers.We condemn the destructionof agricultural land, whichdeprivesthe population of basicnutrition.
The Occupation: Lives Lost
Central Intelligence Agency, The WorldFactbook
Breast Cancer under Occupation
Medical Aid for Palestine
Access to Specialty Healthcarein theoPT
Medical Aid for Palestine
Denial of Permits to Obtain Healthcare
Medical Aid for Palestine
A Boy from Gaza
AhmedShbair, a 17-year-old boy with a congenital heart condition, died in Gaza on January 14, 2017 following his inability to obtain a permit to travel for urgent surgery in Israel.
JVP-HAC Organizing Committee
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JVP Health Advisory Council (JVP-HAC) - Jewish Voice for …