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Pronouns -

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Books by the Same Author:Michael ForemanUnit 2 – Punctuating Dialogue
Y3: Autumn Term
I’ll take you to Mrs Cole.
I didn’t mean to break the window.
Punctuating Speech
Speech bubbles can show us what a character is saying.
Bubbles take up too much room so we usespeech marks.Speech markswork in pairs to hug thedirect speech.
I’ll take you to Mrs Cole.
The wordssaidare calleddirect speech.
“I’ll take you to Mrs Cole,”
Speech marksare also calledinverted commas.
said Mum.
We report who is speaking using areporting clause.
Unit 2 Day 1
Punctuating Speech
Write this conversation as punctuated speech.Remember to hug thedirect speechwithspeech marksand addreporting clauses.
I’d rather go to the zoo.
“I will take you to clean out the bins,”said Mum.“I’d rather go to the zoo,”replied Ash.
I will take you to clean out the bins.
Punctuating Speech–capital lettersopendirect speech
Direct speechbegins with acapital letter, even if it is in the middle of a sentence.
Mum asked,“Why did you flood the bathroom?”
Ash explained,“My battleships hit a huge storm.”
It is the beginning of the speaker’s sentence so acapital letteris used.
Punctuating Speech –commas separate clauses
Direct speechandreporting clausesare usually separated by a comma.
“Remember to lay the table,”said Mum.
Ash sighed,“I’ll do it.”
The comma is placed at the end of the first clause.The speech marks follow the comma.
Punctuating Speech– exclamations and questions
If the speech ends in a!or?we do not need a comma after the speech.
“Why did you smash the window?”asked Mum.
“Look out!”Ash yelled.
The punctuation is placed inside the speech marks.The punctuation belongs to the spoken words – they tell you how to say them.
Punctuating Speech– a new line shows a change of speaker
We show eachchange of speakerby starting a new line.
I forgot. I was being a pirate.
Why didn’t you lay the table?
I will take you to Mrs Cole.
Not Mrs Cole!
“Why didn’t you lay the table?” asked Mum.
“I forgot. I was being a pirate,” said Ash.
“I will take you to Mrs Cole,” warned Mum.
Ash groaned, “Not Mrs Cole!”
This makes it clear when the speaker changes.
Punctuating Speech– Your Turn
“I will take you to a spider farm,” said Mum.
Ash groaned, “I’d rather go to a sweet shop.”
“I will take you to the Moon,” snapped Mum.
“I’d rather go to a fairground,” answered Ash.
Write some new dialogue forMum and Ash.
Hug the words spoken with speech marksStart the speakers’ words with a capital letterSeparate the speech and reporting clause with a commaStart a new line to show the speaker has changed





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Pronouns -