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Sound, Frequency and Healing

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Sound, Frequency and Healing
By Robin RichardsonIf you wish to understand the Universe, think of energy, frequency, and vibration. ---NikloaTeslaWater is conduit of Sound and Vibration.
Water and Sound influences and moves water.Water is a conduit.Earth has its own frequency.
Schumann Resonance 7.83 Hz
Research is showing that being exposed to this frequency is absolutely integral to us. It controls our mental and physical health, it synchronizes our circadian rhythms, and it aids our immune system and improves our sense of well being.Not only are we surrounded by natural frequencies, our bodies are filled with them too. Our cells communicate using electromagnetic frequencies. Our brain emits a constant stream of frequencies and our DNA delivers instructions, using frequency waves.
God Spoke Genesis 1-31: 7 days of creationSound as the Creator’s willCymaticsHans Jenny 1960’s ability of sound to organize matter: Table: Icke—on building blocks of creation
Music of the Spheres
Astronomers have recorded the sound of three stars that are similar to our Sun. The technique, dubbed stellar seismology.Using  France's Corot space telescope.HD 49933, HD 18140Music of the Stars and the Song of Our Sun
Song of Earth and Planets
What Range Are We Hearing?
Frequencyis the number of pressure waves that pass by a reference point per unit time and is measured in Hertz (Hz) or cycles per second. To the human ear, an increase in frequency is perceived as a higher pitched sound, while a decrease in frequency is perceived as a lower pitched sound. Humans generally hear sound waves whose frequencies are between 20 and 20,000 Hz. Below 20 Hz, sounds are referred to as infrasonic, and above 20,000 Hz as ultrasonic. The frequency of middle “C” on a piano is 246 Hz.
Sound Description
Wavelengthis the distance between two peaks of a sound wave. It is related to frequency because the lower the frequency of the wave, the longer the wavelength.Amplitudedescribes the height of the sound pressure wave or the “loudness” of a sound and is often measured using the decibel (dB) scale. Small variations in amplitude (“short” pressure waves) produce weak or quiet sounds, while large variations (“tall” pressure waves) produce strong or loud sounds.
Amplitude of Example SoundsIn Air In Waterthreshold of hearing 0 dBwhisper at 1 meter 20dBnormal conversation 60dBblue whale 165 dBEarthquake 210 dB( To compare noise levels in water to noise levels in air, one must subtract 62 dB from the noise level referenced in water.
Sound As Patterns of Creation
German Scientist Ernst Chladi (1787)—violin/sandPatterns and Shapes—Chaldi figuresMathematician Nathaniel Bowditch (1815)—first had to have certain frequencies/oscillations to do this.1:1 1:2 1:3 1:4Form is the elusive component of sound. Cymatics.Dr. Hans Jenny created sound-forms. Saw on link.When vowels of ancient languages like Hebrew and Sanskrit were pronounced—took shape of symbols.
Frequencies of Vibrations
Dr. Jenny—cymatic elements everywhere.Everything affected by them—including biological evolution.Found that “Natural phenomena were ultimately dependent on the frequencies of vibrations. Thus, healing could be aided or hindered by tones.”Different frequencies influence genes, cells, and various structures in the body, including the DNA.
Human and Earth Frequencies
Our body emits varying sound frequencies.First heart sound ‘M’ –low frequency.Movement of the apical ventricular impulse is produced by resonance of ventricular blood, myocardium, and the atrioventricular valve ring.Dr. Armstrong, Dr. Gotsman‘M’ was identified in every subject. 30-50 Hz.British Heart Journal, 1973, 35, p.691-696Earth’s frequency is 7.83 Hz. Tuning Fork of the planet. The Schumann Resonance. Access by alpha brain waves, dolphin contact, and meditation.
Schumann Resonance—Brain
Dr. Herbert Kuing (successor of Schumann)Showed connection between 7.83 Hz and brain rhythms.Compared EEG recordings with Natural Electromagnetic fields in the environment.Schumann vibrations coincided with the frequency of alpha rhythms.This is the brain wave rhythm of all mammals in the resting state. Be relaxed and open.Chronic fatigue patients improved.
DNA Repaired
Dr. Puharich’s study—Max Planck Institute, GermanyShowed e.cold microorganisms exposed to 8.00 Hz scalar fields have increased activity of the RAD-6 gene—which codes for proteins involved in DNA repair.The Analog Tesla Watch which utilized the invitro approach from scalar fields generated from the watch inhibit neurotransmitter uptake into nerve cells—just like anti-depressants.U.S Psychotronics Association Journal, 1989.Dr. Robert Girard, CA—528 Hz repair DNA-it is part of the 6 tones of the ancient Solfeggio Scale.
Healing and correct frequencies
Dr. Glen Rein—Quantum Biology Research Labs 1998Natural atomic and molecular vibrations in the body emit EM and acoustic energy fields which regulate biochemical processes—health or disease.Regulation of quantum fluctuations can occur by introducing correct frequency information into the body at the quantum level—non-Hertzian/quantum fields.Pioneered research; proved these fields modulate the function of nerve cells and immune cells.
Use music and chants to heal
Sound Energy Research—Oxnard, CAInteresting scientific research using scalar acoustic biofeedback—r ecordings of own voices.CD player, amplifier, modified caduceus-coil (self-cancelling coil)Results of these healing acoustic signals caused “characteristic changes in EEG recordings and immune cell activity as seen using dark field microscopy.”4 kinds of music were also used for one hour each.Rock//Classical //Hungarian Gregorian Chants//Sanskrit Chants// Control Groups used also UV light absorptionControl—0+/- 1%///Rock –1 .8%//Classical ++1.1%Gregorian Chants ++5%, 9.1%//Sanskrit Chanting ++8.2%, 5.8%Sacred Chanting—Large Unwinding Effect on the DNA.
Healing Action of Music
Dr. Rein showed with this study that ordinary music (when converted into scalar non-Hertzian energy) can resonate with human DNA through spiritual musical chants.He stated “[a]lthough these experiments were performed with purified DNA, it is likely that frequencies associated with these forms of music will also resonate with the DNA in the body. The ability of certain types of music to resonate with DNA offers a new and novel mechanism for the healing action of music.”
Brain Wave Ranges
Delta Range: 0.5—4 Hz (Deep Sleep)Theta Range: 4 Hz—8Hz (Dreaming, daydreaming, imaging, trance, super-learning state)Alpha Range: 8—13 Hz (Relaxed, awake, creative)—Schumann frequency of Earth (7.83)Beta Range: 13 Hz—30+ (Normal awake, aware state) will have higher level interactionsGamma Range: 30—60+Hz (Higher mental activity, perception, consciousness, all disappear with general anesthesia.) 40Hz appears to be involved in binding sensory inputs into the single, unitary object we perceive.
Our body has these frequencies
Boston University in 1999Gamma rhythms and beta rhythms have different synchronization propertiesIn human EEG those occur spontaneously or are evoked by auditory stimulation (by novel sounds) in the gamma range. These co-exist with beta rhythms, which is consistent with the beat-skipping structure.“[I]n EEG signals that rhythms of different frequencies are found simultaneously.”We have different frequencies inside of us.
Dolphins and Sound Healing
Sonar can penetrate through up to three feet of sand and mud. Resolution quality is still high enough to distinguish between a dime and a penny.View the inside of our body like a sonogram. Focus on pregnant women and tumors. People can feel their scan. It resonates in the bones and travels up the spine.They produce sound waves that coincide with the Schumann Resonance Frequency of 7.83 Hz.People become euphoric after swimming with them.Very beneficial healing effects—mind and body.
Effects of Healing with Dolphins
Numerous people who have serious illnesses and depression have reported dramatic, long term, favorable changes in their emotional states that cannot be explained by the release of endorphins alone.Improvement in learning, cognitive abilities, concentration, communication, neurotransmitter production.Reduced tissue restriction, adhesions, scarring, and trauma.Because of these results the Upledger Institute established an ongoing dolphin-assisted cranio-sacral therapy programJohn Arndt in 1988 was part of pilot program. He received a “therapeutic earth quake” from them and felt his legs [email protected]
Scientific Speculations-dolphins
Considerable healing from their ultrasound emissions.It has been used to promote muscle healing, and to destroy cataracts, kidney and gallstones.We know that sound influences heart rate, breathing, muscle contractions, memory, and immune function.Dolphins’ ultrasound blasts are 4X stronger that what is therapeutically used in hospitals.When this sonic ultrasound is delivered through water, it is 60X more efficient than air for sound transference.Remember that our bodies are three-quarters fluid.Ultrasound resonance within the cerebrospinal fluid is especially important due to the fluid’s key influence on the brain and spinal cord.
Brain Waves and Health
Dr. David Cole of the Aquathought Foundation has shown that human waves shift from high-frequency beta to low-frequency theta waves after a dolphin encounter; signifying going from alertness to enhanced creativity or an altered state (right before you go to sleep).Scientists believe that a brain-wave shift of this nature strengthens the human immune system.Dolphin encounters show a synchronization between the hemispheres. Right brain (logic)/Left brain (intuitive). This can lead to a transcendental-type experience.
Alternating Currents?
Dr. Cole thinks these brain-wave alternations are facilitated by sonar-induced cavitation.Basically, the dolphin’s intense sound waves create alternating regions of compression and expansion that form small bubbles in the cell membrane.In turn, these bubbles facilitate the transport of key neurological molecules from outside to inside the neurons.
Human Energy Fields—healing
Scientists believe that the dolphins therapeutic energy works through human energy fields. (Infinite Mind, 1996 author Dr. Valerie Hunt).Disease has its origins in the energy field at an atomic level which then filters down and manifests in the molecular cellular and body-system level.Thus, fixing or mending the energy field would filter down and heal the physical body.This human energy field responds to sound stimulus—even if people are not conscious of it. Brain waves, blood pressure changes are noted.Mend the human energy field and the body will follow.Scientists think that dolphins sense human energy field imbalances and adjust their ultrasonic emanations.
Dolphins Have the Power
This powerful energy of the dolphins may initiate an appropriate alteration in the human electromagnetic filed which promotes healing.K. Callen & A. Cochran, 1992 , Dolphins and Their Power to Heal.www.aquathought.com1980’s: Dr. David Nathanson worked with brain-damaged and mentally handicapped children using contact with dolphins as a reward. He discovered that the learning abilities of these children increased by as much as 500%.He set up a project at The Dolphin Research Center in Grassy Key, Fl. Great success with cerebral palsy and downs syndrome children. Ride a Dolphin 1976, The Dolphins Touch.
Power in the Sound
Vibration and Sound can be used for a positive purpose (healing) or a negative purpose (killing bacterial and viruses). Think Raymond Rife with cancer cells.Solfeggio tones. Arose from a Medieval hymn to John the Baptist. First 6 lines of music started on the first successive notes of the scale. Each line was then sung to a note one degree higher than the first syllable on the line that came before it. Changes in it.Ut—Do; Si was added, Si –Ti . The original tones were UT, RE, MI, FA, SO, LA----6 tones, 6 days of creation.Music has resonance and frequencies which are capable of spiritually inspiring mankind to be more Godlike. 528 Hz is the frequency of love.The Earth and Sun vibrate in unison based on a main rhythm of 160 minutes. (Music of the Spheres)
DNA has its own melody.
Dr. Candice Pert, in her book “Molecules of Emotion,” talks about the ‘Energetic Dance Ritual’.“Basically, receptors function as scanners (sensing molecules, on a cellular level). They cluster in cellular membranes, waiting for the right ligand, to come dancing along (diffusing) through the fluid surrounding each cell, and bind with them to turn them on and get them motivated to vibrate a message into the cell. Binding of the ligand to the receptor is likened to two voices, striking the same note and producing a vibration that rings a doorbell to open the doorway to the cell. Could snowflakes, crystals, humans be music that has taken on visible form?”
3, 6, 9 Again and Telsa
The six original Solfeggio frequencies using the Pythagorean method are the base or root vibrational numbers of 3, 6, 9.Nicola Telsa tells us that “if you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6, 9 then you would have a key to the universe. “John Keely (expert in electromagnetic technologies) stated “the vibrations of the ‘thirds, sixths, ninths, were extraordinarily powerful.” (6 days of creation?)Author Rees of “Just Six Numbers” argues that 6 numbers underlie the fundamental physical properties of the universe, and that each is the precise value needed to permit life to flourish.These 6 numbers are the recipe for the universe. Could they be the building blocks of creation? Mi (Solfeggio tone) vibrates to 528 Hz. Modern music is based on the 12 tone equal temperament scale which has vibration limits. 512HZ is the closest we come.
Different Frequencies
“The Healing Codes” by Dr. Leonard Horwitz states that 528Hz is the Love Signal (Divine Love). It repairs the DNA. It corresponds to the center of the rainbow and the color green. It is the Mi tone on the Solfeggio Scale.417 Hz is the frequency for Cosmic Resonance.741 Hz is the Solfeggio Harmonics frequency.852 Hz is the frequency of Awakening Intuition.10 PHZ (Petahertz) is the life energy frequency.F # is the musical tone in the ionosphere of earth, and is the pyramid frequency. (Acoustic engineer—Tom Daniley).
Frequencies of Communication
Magic Window Frequencies (Thomas Bearden)Bring energies from other dimensions or can be used to communicate from one dimension to another.They are above human hearing.Lower the octave of these frequencies by dividing them by 2 until you hear them. Plug that frequency into a sound generator for communication.I have a frequency generator with my vibrasound bed.Brainwave entrainment. This occurs when two or more objects are synchronized by a common vibration.Use sound, light, electromagnetic fields to influence brain waves, which alter mental states. When these are altered, our body follows and responds.
Music to experience Bliss
Sensory Resonance with vibrasound technology. Lights, Sound, Vibration synchronized to become one. State of Bliss—oneness. Theta Range is super learning state.Can use binaural beats, sounds that are perceived below human hearing. (Two different tones—each ear. You will hear the difference between the two).Heaven to me is the complete synchronization with higher frequencies and vibrations of creation. Becoming totally brain entrained with them and experiencing at-one-ment or Sensory Resonance.
Nouveau Inc.
Vibrasound a novel experience.Robin Douvre941-957-8737www.nouveauhealing.comwww.nouveausoulutions.com3900 Clark Rd. Suite H-1





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Sound, Frequency and Healing