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Mutual Learning and StrengtheningJoint KnowledgeBase
As professionals and practitioners, we learn from each other.There is no single authority that claims having all the information and knowledge on any one or more subjects.When our potential implementing partners, with their topical knowledge and huge experience in development, disaster risk management and humanitarian issues, choose to join NDRMF, it is our responsibility to support them and apprise them of NDRMF Policy and programme requirements to cultivate a successful working relationship.It is a platform for mutual learning, exchanging ideas and developing a sufficient level of knowledge that takes us through this partnership in achieving programme objectives.This activity is not an end in itself, it opens door to more such activities in the future.
Training Objectives
Training Overview
This one and a half day training programme is divided into various sessions to cover all the relevant themes, some of these are introduced briefly, other in detail considering the currentneeds and lessons learned (so far). Adjustmentswill be madein the next training programme basedon participants feedback.Accreditation and Proposal Process / RequirementsProcurement and FinanceMonitoring and Evaluation and Reporting Process / RequirementsGender, Environmental and Social SafeguardsEach topic is addressed both in theory and practice. You are expected to participate fully in all sessions and contribute to the above learning processes.
Programme Flow – 3 Main Segments
The Training Team
Ms. Khadija Javed Khan, GM Quality Assurance GroupMr. Muhammad Fawad Hayat , DGM, Planning & Operation GroupMr. Awais Saleem, Manager, Procurement/Ms. Aasma Noman, Manager, FinanceMr. Najaf Khan, Manager, DRR/Planning& OperationGroupDr. Junaid Akhtar, Manager, Monitoring and Evaluation/QAGMs. Amina Sadaf, DM, ProcurementMs. ReemaZuberi, DM, Communication/QAGMr. Zohra Bano, DM, Gender and Development/QAGMr. Muhammad Ali Durrani, DM, Environment/QAGMr. Sheraz Hussain, DM, Social Safeguards/QAGMs. Umber Khan, AM, Monitoring and Evaluation/QAG
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