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10 English
Spring Semester Sample Questions
PoetryContext CluesInference
Outline to Presentation
The Eagle: A FragmentAlfred, Lord TennysonHe clasps the crag with crooked hands;Close to the sun in lonely lands,Ring'dwith the azure world, he stands.The wrinkled sea beneath him crawls;He watches from his mountain walls,And like a thunderbolt he falls.
Poetry 1
Which is thebestdescriptor for the form of the poem "The Eagle"?A. There are two stanzas which contain three lines.B. Each line has ending punctuation.C. Each line begins with a capital letter.D. The number of words in each line is similar.
Poetry 1
A. There are two stanzas which contain three lines.
Answer P1
ContextClues Questions
What is the meaning of the word "wary"?No one had objected, but she could not help noticing that a few of the faces looking at her were wary and unwelcoming.A. tiredB. cautiousC. prudentD. vigilant
Context Clues 1
A. tiredB. cautiousC. prudentD. vigilant
Answer CC1
Choose the word that is asynonymfor the underlined word.While your teacher is out, Ientreatyou all to be respectful to your substitute teacher.A. requestB. demandC. hopeD. explain
Context Clues 2
A.request is correct- Your teacher would request, or ask, that you behave while he/she is gone.
Answer CC 2
Choose the word that is asynonymfor the underlined word.Amy might have convinced her father that she really was sick, had she not acted somelodramatically.A. happilyB. exaggeratedlyC. sneakilyD. healthily
Context Clues 3
B.Exaggeratedly is correct- Amy really wanted to convince her father that she was sick, but she over-reacted so her dad knew she was faking.
Answer CC3
Choose the word that is asynonymfor the underlined word.Because it was so important, herecapitulatedthe point he'd made earlier.A. repeatedB. rephrasedC. ignoredD. misunderstood
Context Clues 4
A.repeated is correct- By repeating the information, the speaker made sure everyone heard it.
Answer CC4
Choose the word that is asynonymfor the underlined word.Once the judges determined that the two contestants had cheated, they concentrated onrectifyingthe situation.A. correctingB. discipliningC. concealingD. explaining
Context Clues 5
A.correcting is correct- they want to fix the situation so they can determine who the real winner is.
Answer CC5
Choose the word that is asynonymfor the underlined word.If not for thediligenceof the crew, the storm would have blown the ship off course.A. confusionB. persistenceC. foolishnessD. seniority
Context Clues 6
B.persistence is correct- The crew did not give up during the storm; instead they gave their best efforts to keep it on course.
Answer CC6
Choose the word that is asynonymfor the underlined word.Theincorrigiblechild would not follow directions despite the teachers' frequent reprimands.A. inconsolableB. excitedC. unmanageableD. angry
Context Clues 7
C.unmanageable- the clues are “wouldn’t follow directions” and “frequent reprimands”
Answer CC7
Choose the word that is asynonymfor the underlined word.They tried to convince her that they didn't have homework, but she was anastuteparent.A. skepticalB. strictC. short-temperedD. shrewd
Context Clues 8
D.shrewd- Means willing to work alone, not relying on others. The parent knew better that the student did have work, so they were not willing to drop the argument/discussion over the assignment.
Answer CC8
Choose the word that is asynonymfor the underlined word.Though Erin was ready to buy the used car, her mother still had adubiouslook on her face.A. excitedB. skepticalC. thoughtfulD. uninterested
Context Clues 9
B.Skeptical is correct. There are opposite reactions in this example. “Though” is your clue. Erin wants the car, but mom is not so sure.
Answer CC 9
Choose the word that is asynonymfor the underlined word.Her cooked turkeys usually come out juicy; this dry one is ananomaly.A. mistakeB. irregularityC. exampleD. ordinary
Context Clues 10
B.irregularity is correct- Again, we have opposite reactions. “…usually come out juicy” explains what normally happens. This turkey is “dry”, or different from the normal outcome. Since it doesn’t normally (or regularly happen), it is an irregularity.
Answer CC 10
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