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Establish optimal settings for operationsHV settingstiming optimizationchannel mapping (HF)HPD noise stabilityLumidetector performanceAbort gapDiagnosis / studies of detector effectsInput to the run planEstablish procedures
Develop monitoring tools for shiftersOnline and offline DQMDevelop Run Certification criteriaDCSInput to Run Certification / Online alarmTrigger EmulationHLT monitoringPrompt Analysis (HCAL Expert)
Identify requirements and review current designschema and contentscorrelation between different databasesSpecify database schemaProvide interface to access databaseMaintainpopcon(populate conditions) utility to fill databaseDatabase interface to Web Based Monitoring
Maintain software within the CMSSW frameworkCoordinate Reconstruction and Simulation code developmentValidation of software releaseMaintenance of the simulation and material modelMigrate geometry to databaseLUT generationAnomalous cell frameworkchannel status word / severity level
Develop calibration HLT triggersIsolated track andminbiasReconstructed objectsIsolated tracksDijetMinbiasMuonfor HOZ->eefor HFDevelopAnalizer, Calibration, Validation and closure test after writing to database
Overall performanceEnergy resolution as a function of E, eta, phiSinglehadronmean responseStudy noiseDevelop Anomalous Cell AlgorithmEstablish Final Data Certification





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PPT Template -