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United Nations Regional Workshop on the 2020 World …

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United Nations Regional Workshop on the 2020 World Programme
Census planning and management -Maldives
National Bureau of StatisticsMaldives
Committees are established at different levels.The objectives of these committees are:Give assistance in Census publicity and advocacyEnsure adequate and timely availability of census resources;Guide, direct and organize censusprogramme;Monitor and ensure that census procedures are undertaken according to plan; andCoordinate all census activities in the regions.
National Bureau of Statistics
Organization chart
National Bureau of Statistics
Preparations to conduct census begin 3 years prior to the actual year.Initially budget estimates are proposed to the ministry of finance for approval.Budget is estimated based on a detailed work plan.
National Bureau of Statistics
Work plan is prepared and a staff to initiate the activity is identified for each activity in the work plan.To identify the date to conduct census, discussions are held at various level on deciding a date for the census.During the process of identifying a date issues like academic holidays and other nation wide events are taken into consideration.
National Bureau of Statistics
Consultations are made with relevant institutions to identify what needs to be included in the census questionnaire.Data user workshop is conducted to discuss about technical issues related to census.To prepare the focal points for Atolls, a training is conducted for the selected atoll focal points.To develop capacity among the NBS staff, trainings are held with in the institution in relation to population and demography.
National Bureau of Statistics
Preparation of Maps
Islands were requested to send updated island maps with the identified blocks.Blocks were updated to verify and finalize a copy of the map was sent back through the trainers who attended to conduct the training of enumerators.Once finalized set prints were made for each; enumerators block map, supervisor block map, Island focal point, Atoll coordinator, Atoll technical advisor.To update the maps of Male’, maps were requested from the city council.Once updated and finalized set prints were made for each; enumerators, Supervisors, ward desk, task force desk, Male’ coordinator.
National Bureau of Statistics
Questionnaire designing
Two questionnaires are used in census; Listing form “Haaform” and Individual form “shaviyaniform”Initially a listing form “Haaform” is designed to list all the households with in a given block.To design the individual form, previous census questionnaire is used and edited accordingly.Once the draft is completed pretest is conducted in Male’ and in an Island.The questionnaire is revised based on the comments.Translations were made to 6 languages for the purpose of covering foreign population living in Maldives.The finalquestionniareswere printed abroad to ensure the paper quality for scanning.
National Bureau of Statistics
Pilot census
A pilot census was conducted in Male’. The procedures was arranged as such how a real census preparation would be carried out.A foreign desk was established to cover the foreign households identified during the listing.Blocks were assigned to teams from all the wards of Male’.
National Bureau of Statistics
Training of trainers was conducted to the selected participants.These trainers were given the task to train enumerators in the atolls/Male’.ENUMRATORS SELECTIONTo select enumerators advertisements were made through website, social media and passing on message from one person to other.Also open registrations were held during office hours as well as weekends at spots where the community gathers most.To select enumerators in the atolls letters were sent to island councils with key information sheets.
National Bureau of Statistics
Census Publicity
A committee was selected to conduct events of publicity of census.Logo completion was held to select a best logo which was used during the census.To promote census awareness NBS staff organized events at different fairs such as civil service fair, Population day Fair.Song was developed for census promotion.Training video was developed to use during trainings.Census spots were made to share on media.
National Bureau of Statistics
Census Publicitycontd…
Banners were kept across the main roads, places where customer service is provided.Posters were kept at areas.Promoting census on media. Interviews were given on media through TV and Radio.
National Bureau of Statistics
Field Operations
Before the date of census Dispatch of Census materialsCentre setup , organization and other emergency logisticsManaging Field operation at the centerSecurity measuresMonitoring Field operation:Attend non- response casesMonitor daily progressReceive completed forms
National Bureau of Statistics
Data processing
After completion of Data collection, using Intelligent character Recognition technology (ICR) forms are scanned and stored to the system.It is costly and was very dependent on outside technical expertise on scanning of the dataSince it was outsourced the transfer of knowledge was very limited.The scanned data is checked and edited on soft copy.
National Bureau of Statistics





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United Nations Regional Workshop on the 2020 World …