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Unit 2_ Classification of Matter - Gallatin County Schools

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Unit 2: Classification of Matter
Copy the question and answersWhich representation is a structural formula?A. OB. OHC. H2O2D. H-O-O-H
Unit TestRetake will be Thursday after schoolYou MUST sign up for a retakeBinder checkGrades are in the gradebookOpener sheetGrades are in the gradebook
Standards List
New set of standards and “I can” statementsThis becomes the first page in your new binder listMake sure you have a binderThis is easy points
Unit 2 Pre-Test
Do your bestGive as much information as possibleGraded based on your effortRemember we will be using this throughout the unit20 minutes
Notes today will be on the boardMake sure to copy those downPart of your binderPractice Problems at your seat
Copy the question and the answersWhat is the chemical formula of calcium cyanide?A.CaCNB. CaCN2C. Ca(CN)2D. Ca(CN)3
Unit Pre-TestNew unit
Matter – anything that takes up space and has massMass – amount of matter in a substancePure substance – Any substance with definite composition and definite propertiesMixture – 2 or more substances physically combinedElement - group of only 1 type of atomsCompound – 2 or more types of atoms chemically bonded togetherHomogeneous mixture – mixture with uniform composition throughoutHeterogeneous mixture – mixture with uneven composition throughout
Now let’s practice some classificationObjects are located throughout the roomFill out your chart for each of the objectsFirst we will focus on separating between pure substance and mixture
2 kinds of mixtures
Mixture– not the same as a compound. Usually composed of several substances
On your same classification sheetTry to classify each piece of matter as a …ElementCompoundHeterogeneous mixtureHomogeneous mixture
Copy the question and answersWhat is the correct chemical formula for iron (III) sulfide?A. Fe2S3B. Fe3S2C. Fe2(SO4)3D. Fe3(SO4)2
Classes of Matter ActivityHomework Turn In
Card Sort
On a separate sheet of paperIn groups of two…Place each of the cards into a columnIn column A, you need item #1 and #2In column B, you need item #3 and #4Write down the items in each column and explain why you separated the items the way you did
Card Sort Challenge
Now try to place the items into four columnsIn column A, place item #2In column B, place item #6In column C, place item #7In column D, place item #17Again be write down your columns and explain why you classified them that way
Complete the packetWhat you do not finish today will be homework





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Unit 2_ Classification of Matter - Gallatin County Schools