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Italian Case 3
Short presentation - background
Ar. De. was bornin2003;Primary school and junior secondary school: sufficient results and behaviours;Enrolment at the 1styear of our school course as Catering Operator in Food Preparation in the school year 2017/2018.Moving to the 2ndyear of our school course as Catering Operator in hall and restaurant services in the school year 2018/2019 – on going –.BUTAr. De. comes from a halfway house for minors and young adults because taking part in bullying episodes;Ar. De. has suspension of the proceedings with probation given by the judge.
Class observation –First months of the first school year
Ar. De’s behaviours:oppositional;challenging;long discussions with teachers arrogantly;provoking;bad relationships with his classmates because of hisauthoritarism;sufficient but irregular school results;some notes because of his replies to the other people;risk of drop-out.SOAr.De.’smust:not leave school;have positive school results;have behaviours and interactions suitable and corresponding to the context where he is;to carry out his probation.BUTAr. De. asks to change school course and move to the Catering Operator in hall and restaurant services
Activities carried out
After a period of observation, it was decided acustomised school plan:Finalizing his probationwith positive results;Changing his school courseprovided that he changed his behaviours towards teachers and classmates;Carrying out a school internship(in June and July) to fill some gaps;Meetings(one-to-one relationship) with the school special needs teaching assistant, if necessary;Meetings(one-to-one relationship) with his school tutor to manage possible difficulties;Meetingsbetween the halfway-house educator and school in order to monitor his project progresses.
Practical methods
an agreement to change his school courseprovided that he changed his behavioursthe possibility to have some reference peoplethe possibility to try a “welcoming experience” towards aconspecificsuggesting a different behaving modelthaninhisfamily





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