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Sustaining Preparation Program Evaluation with Data Systems: Georgia Example
Bob MichaelAssociate Vice Chancellor, University System of GeorgiaCarla TanguayAssociate to the Dean for Clinical Practice, Georgia State UniversityTatiana RivadeneyraDirector of Accreditation, Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation
Goals for this Session
To gain strategies for creating systems for data reporting, sharing, and use at the state and university levels.To acquire new ways for organizing university faculty and stakeholders to use data for continuous program improvement.To attain new ideas about data reporting, sharing, and use in various contexts to support continuous improvement.
In your current role, how do you use data to inform improvement?
Our vision for Educator Preparation Program (EPP) evaluation includes:
well-definedperformance measures and student outcomes linked to programcompleters;statepolicyestablishedfor public reporting and dissemination of all aggregated and disaggregateddata;processes for reporting, sharing, and using data to support EPPsand otherstakeholders in determiningthe degree to whichtheir completersare prepared to educate diverse learners to be life-long learners leading to increased workforcecapacity;EPP evaluation protocolsthat supportprograms in identifyingstrengthsandneedswithperformance measuresaligned with evidence-based practices reflected instate and nationalteacher and leaderstandards; and,afeedbackloop where EPP data is usedto inform state policy.
Creating systems for datareporting,sharing, and use at thestate level
Preparation Program Evaluation Measure (PPEM) Current Component Distribution
In-program Measures– 50%GACEcontent assessmentscoresedTPAclassroomperformanceassessmentscoresOutcome Measures – 50%TAPSclassroom observationscores from first teaching yearSurveys ofinducteeteachers and theiremployersfrom first teaching year
Sample Data Set
Creatingsystems fordata reporting,sharing, and use at theuniversity level
Professional Education Faculty (PEF) Infrastructure of Support
Alignment with CAEP Standard 4: Program Impact
CAEP’s Standard 4 is aboutprovidersdemonstratingtheimpactof itscompletersonP-12 student learning and development, classroom instruction, andschools, and thesatisfaction of its completerswith the relevance and effectiveness of their preparation.Theproviderestablishesa suite ofevidence/measuresthat are to befound, developed, accumulated, measured, analyzed and interpretedas the basis for an EPP’s claim that it has effectively prepared teachers and other educationprofessionals.
What evidence/measures do you have that would demonstrate graduates’impact, effectiveness, and satisfaction?What research methodologies could you feasibly employ to gain such information?
Guiding Questions???
Ways to hit the mark…
Component 4.1Direct measures of student learning and developmentAddresses diverse subjects andgrades
P-12 impact or growth data from state teacher evaluations (if available)
Ways to hit the mark…
Ifstate data arenot available:Teacher-linked student assessments from districtsClassroom-based research(e.g., action research, case studies)Describe data sources and model/formula
If state data areis availableDescribe data sources and model/formulaDescribe EPP’s analysis and evaluation of the informationInterpret data and judge implicationsIf validity cannot be credibly established for state sources, supplement with other valid evidence.
Ways to hit the mark…
Component 4.2Teaching ObservationsAligned to the 4 InTASC categoriesAligned to state standards for teachers / local teacher evaluation framework
P-12 Student SurveysAligned to the InTASC categoriesCorroboration for observation/evaluation data
Ways to hit the mark…
Component 4.3Employer SurveysAligned to the InTASCCorroboration for observation/evaluation and data
Component 4.4CompleterSurveysAligned to the InTASCAligned to state standards for teachers / local teacher evaluation frameworkTriangulatewith observation/evaluation, survey, and impact data
Considering Your State Contexts
Whatare some state systems already in place for data reporting, sharing, and use?Howmight those systems be modified or new systems created to support EPP faculty & stakeholders?
Howdo you engage faculty & stakeholders to use data for program improvement?Howdo you report, share, and use data at the EPP level?Whatnew ideas support your efforts in sustaining a process for continuous improvement?
CAEP Alignment
What strategies support a processofcontinuous improvement as alignedtoCAEP 4?
Closing Connections
What will be important to share with my team?Who should I connect with later? When? What should I follow-up on?





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