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University Training ProgramAdministrator’s ForumJanuary 8,2019Ken Liddle, Chief ComplianceOfficerThis Presentation and FAQis available at
Training serves an important purpose in any organization as it informs individuals about expectations and responsibilities.There are also additional legal and regulatory requirements related to training which Rice must meet.The goal of thenew UniversityTraining Program is to provide required trainings in a coordinated and predictable manner, carefully managing the time burden, with incentives for completion.This program is focused on the core university training, and will not include job specifictrainingsAll trainings will be in one Canvas course, can be completed in any order, and are accessible with your Rice net id.
The Trainings
All faculty and staff will complete these trainings every other Spring (and upon hire)In future cycles, trainings will be updated as appropriateContent owners create and update content, and are contact for questions on that trainingCompliance tracks completion and manages communicationAdditionally, Compliance will manage tracking/communication for two other trainings:Clery Act Campus Security Authorities (developed byRUPD)Title IX Coordinators and Adjudicators (developed by Compliance andEEO)
February 18, 2019 kick off email to all faculty and staffEmail will include link to Canvas modules, and link to FAQsDeadline for completion of all three is April 19, 2019Compliance will send targeted reminders on April 1, 15, 29 and May 13Report to Deans, Directors, and VPs on April 15 and 29Report to Deans, Directors, and VPs with copy to Provost and President on May 6, and May 14.Other CommunicationsProgram will be presented at Faculty Senate meeting January 30, 2019Upon request, Compliance can meet with any group or individual to provide information or answer questionsResource webpage (contains presentation and FAQs)
Completion Incentives
Individuals who do not complete training before May 15(iebefore the April 19 deadline or during a one month grace period)will not be eligible for a salary raise on July 1.Completion means completing all three trainings, or providing supervisor and compliance a valid extension request (e.g. FMLA, military leave)
Important Note forCampus Security Authorities
Individuals who are designated as “Campus Security Authorities” (CSA) under the Clery Act will have one additional training to meet the requirements of the Clery Act and Title IXThis includes many individuals inRUPD, Title IX, athletics (directors and coaches),magisters/resident advisors, and student activitiesFor more information see Rice Policy 844Clery Act Compliance.CSA’s will receive a second email informing them of this requirement. All other tracking/communication will be the same.When a CSA logsinto Canvasthey will see four modules (instead of three).
Consultation Plan
OctoberExecutive Compliance Committee discussionDiscussions with content providers and other stakeholdersNovemberDiscuss with Provost, President. and at leadership Working Group (Nov 2)Discuss with Deans’ Council (Nov 29)DecemberDiscuss with Speaker/Deputy of Faculty Senate (Dec 4)Discuss with full Compliance Committee (Dec 19)JanuaryPresent at Administrator's Forum (Jan 7)Pilot training by Compliance Committee (incExecutive), Provost, and President (this will count towards individual completion)Present at Faculty Senate Meeting (Jan 30)FebruaryKick off email on the 18thPresent at School/Department meetings (as requested).
FAQ at: [email protected]





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Financial Structure -