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Stewards Information
Thank you for giving up your free time to come to this training evening.This allows the Festival to run smoothly, making it a positive experience for all involved.
Entrance-Money & ProgrammesGuidelines
MoneyEntry is charged at the main entrance and also the back door into the Admin Block.The charge is €5 and the ticket is a programme. Tables will be set up at these four points:1. Front door Concourses,2. Back door Concourse,3. Music Block front door,4. Methodist Church Front door.with a cash float on each.5. Dining Hall cashThere is no charge for competitors or Choir/Orchestra conductors & assistants, however, family members accompanying them do pay.If the programme is brought along on Sat there is no further charge.
5. There is no charge for Primary School children. Secondary students who are not competitors pay full price.6. Wesley students do not pay entry as most of them are helping.
H.E. Room Guidelines
H.E. rooms need supervision to co-ordinate the choirs/orchestras into a queuing system before going on stage in the Myles Hall.There are two HE rooms so that we can hold two groups ready before going on stage. The performers move from HE Room 1 to HE Room 2 and then onto the stage. It is important to have each group lined up & ready to go on immediately after the previous performers have moved through.There are HE Room Runners (students) who will work with you to collect the next choir/orchestra (from their holding classroom) according to the running list. All the choirs/orchestras wait in their allocated classrooms until they are called by the Runners.As a group moves from HE Room 1onwards, the Runners should be arriving with the next Choir/Orchestra on the list.
3.Noise can also be a factor as sound does travel between the HE Rooms & the Myles Hall. It is up to the supervisor to maintain a low level of conversation. With large groups this can be challenging!4.Remember that choirs/orchestras will go off from the far side of the stage & so should not leave belongings behind them in the HE rooms otherwise huge confusion reigns!It is also important that whoever is at the organ door makes sure that the conductor has handed in the prepared written biography about their choir/orchestra, otherwise they cannot be properly announced. They can establish if any are missing by liaising with the announcer.
Also encourage the conductor of the next group to line up the player/singers in HE Room 2 according to how they will go on stage.Finally make sure that each competitor has music which is to be passed using the Myles Hall runner to the adjudicator.
Adjudicator HelperGuidelines
The adjudicator helper sits beside the adjudicator in the competition room and is there to help the adjudicator and co-ordinate the running of competition.Competition Room boxes are set up for every competition. They can be collected beforehand from the Festival Desk either by the adjudicator helperor occasionallyby the adjudicator.Everything you need should be in that box except a pen!When you arrive and sign in at the desk, make sure that you take your box if it is there.
Below is a checklist of ‘things to do’ during the competition:Before the competition starts:Check your paperwork in the box – you should have:Competitor numbersList of competitors (in programme)Adjudicator guidelinesAdjudicator comment formsSpare paper for rough workResult sheetsCertificatesCups / Medals / Trophies as appropriateCup return forms in duplicate (if applicable)Emergency information
•It may be helpful to fill in some of the basic information on these forms in advance as the end of the competitions can be very busy.•At the beginning of the competition announce the competition title and introduce the adjudicator to the audience.•Read out the brief emergency information.•Call the first competitor and place their number on the stand.•Call each competitor in order, changing ballot number as appropriate. Occasionally, the order of competitors may need to be shuffled as a result of clashes with other competitions or a delayed accompanist. Please attempt to facilitate this as far as possible (tick off each performer as you go along). If, at the end of a competition, a competitor has still not appeared, it is fair to assume they have forfeited their opportunity to perform, and they are excluded from the competition.
•Do not adjust the competitor numbers if someone withdraws from the competition or is not present. Competitor numbers remain constant throughout the Festival.•Do not allow the adjudicator to be engaged in conversation by competitors or members of the audience. It is important that competitions are kept moving.•The adjudicator will then make his/her decisions. Provide them with whatever prizes are appropriate so they can present them. You can help by filling in any 1st Class Honours or Highly Commended certificates before the adjudicator signs them.•Fill in the results sheet. This will be displayed in the College concourse.
•If a cup has been awarded it is ESSENTIAL that the winner fills in the Cup Return form in duplicate. This is vitally important. For Solo competitions – please ensure that the winner’s guardian fills in his/her email address and telephone number. The school address is not sufficient as that pupil may have left by next year. One copy is kept by the pupil and the other is returned to the Festival Administrator.Cup winners receive both the cup AND A GOLD MEDAL.•If there is a Cup Preliminary Competition in your room please ensure that the 1st and 2nd prize winners in the relevant classes know WHEN & WHERE to return for the final of their competition. Additionally, remind all finalists that they need to bring their accompaniment to the final with them as they may have a different accompanist for it.•Send remark sheets, music etc. to the main desk in the concourse. They should be collected from there, not in the room where the competition has taken place . Please announce this; otherwise the next competition will be delayed. There are pupil stewards to do the running and they are also available to deal with any queries that arise.
All performances are only allowed to last 5 minutes maximum. You should ask the adjudicator if he/she would like you to time for him/her.Because of this every performance will need to be timed. We have timers which will go in each adjudicators box, however, if you would prefer to use your phone that is absolutely fine too.The timer is set running as soon as the performer begins.
The festival will have a team of photographers covering as many competitions as possible. This means that they may enter competitions and quietly move about while everything progresses. They may take photos during performances.All these photographers will be wearing an identifiable badge.Please alert the adjudicator before the competition begins that this may happen & that it shouldn’t interfere with any performance. We do not want any adjudicator objecting to them.
Front deskGuidelines
Front deskFront desk is in the concourse. Those manning the desk need to welcome all guests and give any information to parents, staff, pupils & adjudicators where needed.Directions are often asked for or the location of competitions. Make sure to have a programme on hand and be familiar with it. You need to know where all the different Blocks are to direct people & what competitions are where. All this information is in the programme but you need to be familiar with it.
StewardsAll stewards should register at the desk to say they have arrived.The desk will have a list of all stewarding posts. As people arrive, the list should be ticked off. Then, should someone not turn up, we will be aware of it & endeavour to fill the post.
Adjudicators & AccompanistsRemind all adjudicators & accompanists to sign in when they arrive & sign out when they leave. They are paid hourly & the times are needed to calculate their pay exactly.Each adjudicator/accompanist should be given his/her badge, if they don’t already have it.Make sure that a Concourse Runner brings them to their room.There are lunch/dinner vouchers for adjudicators & accompanists who would like to eat. Make sure to offer one if they are working over dinner/lunchtime. Dinner will be available between 17.30 – 18.30Lunch will be available between 12.00 – 15.00
Register Choirs/Orchestras as they arrive.This involves:Ticking off their arrivalChecking whether they have sent in a Choir/Orchestra Biography or an Orchestra Layout. If not, we need to ask for it or give a blank one to be filled in immediately.Telling them their allocated room and introduce them to a Concourse Runner who will bring them over to their room.Explain that they will be collected from there and brought to a holding room just off stage around 20 mins before they perform. They must make sure to all be there, ready
The results of all Competitions are returned to the desk.The results sheet will need to be put up on the noticeboard by the Career Guidance Room.All of the adjudicator comment sheets are laid out on the tables on the Concourse in numerical order. People may collect them from there. Each competition should be laid out so that people can easily find their ownThere is a file to put all Cup Return Forms into at the Desk.There will be a list of finish times for all competitions on the desk. If documentation has not appeared from a finished competition it is up to the desk to send a runner to the relevant room to collect it.It is up to the desk to tick off each competition making sure that all paperwork has been returned.
Many many thanks for giving up your time & coming here this evening. We hope it informs you a little more about what is involved.
Enjoy the festival!
Door Guidelines
DoorThe doors are manned because it is important that competitions are not interrupted by people entering or leaving.The result is that doors should be open before and after competitions and between each competitor.They are then closed and should remain closed while the performance is in progress regardless of any circumstances that might be explained. Similarly, the door should be opened between every competitor regardless whether there is someone waiting or not.The steward manning the door should stand on the inside of the door so that he/she is not available to discuss why the door should be opened.There is a sign on the outside of the door saying it will only be opened between competitorsThis is for the benefit of all competitors.





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