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Annual Coordinator Workshop -

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Annual Coordinator Workshop
Fulfills GEN016 training requirement
What will we cover
Approved modes of transportationTravel Authorization Warnings & RemindersNEW Conference GuidanceNotificationExpense Report RemindersUpgraded Processes
Mode of Transportation
Policy (402.03) states “air” most efficient and economical form of transportationThe second most economical form of transportation is rental car (402.03 B-5).When POV is preferred TA needs to have comparisons attached forairfarerental car , unless one of the exceptions apply.
Release of TA by Travel
Required approvals include –Authorized POABudget (if over $10,000)Training (if JRT)Third Party Reimbursement (30-600 acct)Travel reviews for conference attendanceMay notice errors such as incorrect account no.
Travel Authorization Reminders
Multi-Destination tripsUse one TA to avoid erroneous payments (e.g. per diem)StipendsForeign visitors can receive a stipend to cover meals and lodging in accordance with the travel policy (402.07 B3). Other allowable expenses on the TA are,Transportation: air, rental car, shuttle, taxi, etc.VisaUnallowable expenses include> meals per diem while on business travel> lodging upon arrival or departure during stipend periodSubmission after travel start dateAdd statement in notes for why costs were incurred before approved (402.01 A3).
What are some of thereasons you changethe TA?
Changes to submitted trip that DO NOT requirereapproval,Add or change a note/commentAdd or remove an attachmentAdding a conference linkReduce the cost of travel (example, add meal deductions)No change in cost (remove miscellaneous, add taxi)Changes to submitted trip that requirereapproval,Add a destinationAdd a new funding code (POA)Increase cost on a POAChange duration of a trip (i.e., 4 days to 5 days)Addition of employee paid expense (formerly indicated as company paid or not previously approved - car, air)
Improving Conference Management
The Department of Energy launched a comprehensive initiative to improve management of conference-related activities and spending. As a result, these changes will:-Better enable participation in vital professional conferences-Significantly expedite the approval process-Allow attendees to take advantage of reduced early registration fees and lower travelcostsThe Memorandum on Conference Management issued on December 6, 2012 has been cancelledA revised Memorandum on Conference Management was issued by DOE on 17 August, 2015
Carol Kinsey
Highlightsinclude:Dividing Conferences into two categories:-Conferences sponsored by DOE and/or its ContractorsDOE/Contractorsponsored conferences held at or byJefferson Lab willbe managed, tracked and reportedthroughStaff Services.-Conferences sponsored by external entities (NON-DOE) thatDOE and its contractors attend but have no role in funding orpromoting
Carol Kinsey
What are the differences between DOE-sponsored, DOE/Contractor-sponsored and Non-DOE sponsored events and the reporting responsibility of the contractor?
Carol Kinsey
Difference in conference processing
ProjectionsAdd well in advance of event start date(guidance recommends up to 6 months)Event databaseCreate event for using “Projected Travel” if event does not existDOE sponsored or contractor sponsored events (including most meetings)NON-DOE sponsored eventsDo not create event forTrainings (not associated with a conference, e.g. USPAS)Advisory MeetingsReviewsOperational Meetings on Federal facilityVendor VisitsAt bottom of page, answer Y/N to DOE contractor-sponsoredconf?Do not add a DOE event number, even if a field is providedTravel Authorizations – no changeExpense Reports – no changeNOTE: Conference web page has been updated with the new information and process
Internal TransferRegFees
JLabstaff participating in event atJLabBlanket TA okay? YESMultiple POAs?Identify individual names, Project and amount in notes or attached spreadsheetOn TA – field: Attending Event?Select “DOE – Internal”Expense Report? NOTravel will do the rest and archive trip
Self-Purchased Airline Ticket
Policy statesJLabpersonnel must purchase tickets through sub-contractorPre-approval needed for self-purchased ticketTraveler must send Accounting ManagerCosted itinerary from sub-contractor or ConcurPlanned itinerary (costed) for personal purchaseExplanation for requesting exception to policy
FTMS Access to change
Those who originate 3 or more foreign travel requests a fiscal year.Access through “mydesktop”No access to FTMS?Designated coordinator to create TR to be identified
Day of Rest
Origin and destination are both OCONUSWheels up at originating point to wheels down at final destination exceeds 14 hoursIs an over-night stop allowed?What if he does not fly coach-class?
Expense Report Status Notifications
Status(drop down menu options)Awaiting ERER received, not auditedAwaiting additional informationER in CP (for future use)Notifications – visitors and guestsTA PreparerNotifications - for lab employees,TA PreparerTraveler
Expense Report Reminders
Origin – required field not copied over from TAClaiming mileage? This is starting point for mileage calculationIfJLabto airport, indicate NN, VANo mileage verification needed fromJLabto local airportsPurpose – attending an event (use Event # in description)Costs claimed on ER can not exceed approved TAEnter timeofdayreturnaftermidnightStart and end if one day tripDirect Bill charges – validate against the attached receipts for accuracyMeal Deductions– program agenda from website to be attached to ERdeduction based on GSA rate at the location where traveler was at midnightNotesAttachmentsLetter of Invitation for third-party reimbursable expensesDrive vs. fly (air andcar comparisons)Extra days between or during events (weekend stay)
Use of Concur
Adoption rate up 10%Service charge savings to Lab - $7400Take advantage of monthly webinar update
Electronic UpdatesEffective January 2016
Audited Expense ReportNo, EFT – will be sent electronically to traveler and coordinator.Yes, EFT – will be attached to payment notificationCoordinator will be sent copy for file via email





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Annual Coordinator Workshop -